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Evolution of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies

Last Friday the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies opened a new chapter, as Jonathan Liebesman's reboot of the cult classic was released in cinemas across the UK. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a knockout with fans for three decades and in an appreciation of the Read More →

Breaking Bad Steelbooks (Limited Edition) Launch

It's been just over a year since Breaking Bad blew us all away with its dramatic series finale, and soon you'll finally be able to immortalize the actions of the illicit and now infamous duo; Walt and Jesse, in Read More →

Alien: Isolation Review | First Impressions

This first impressions review is based on 8 hours of gameplay in the main story. The review will be updated with our impressions of Survival mode and videos of gameplay over the week.  Check out our previous articles on the game Read More →

Zavvi’s A – Z Directors | Stanley Kubrick

There aren't many directors that can be truly labelled as 'masters of cinema', but Stanley Kubrick is certainly one of them. Conquering a broad range of genres in his filmography, Kubrick has dismantled the thriller, the horror, the sci-fi, the comedy and more, Read More →

Ghost in the Shell | Manga @ Zavvi

It's been 25 years since Shirow Masamune's cyber noir classic, Ghost in the Shell ( Kokaku Kidotai, literally "Mobile Armored Riot Police") was first published in serialized form in the pages of Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine Read More →

Open Grave | Zavvi Presents

Zavvi Presents films are exclusive blu-rays, hand picked by members of the Zavvi team, of hidden gems, cult classics and genre defying oddities. The Film: Waking up in a mass grave surrounded by dead bodies usually means something Read More →

David Lynch | Zavvi’s A to Z of Directors

David Lynch has once again returned to the spotlight on Zavvi, following the release of our limited edition Twin Peaks Poster. Twin Peaks, the eerie TV drama that centred on the mysterious murder Read More →

Why Richard Attenborough’s Death is a Sad Loss to British Film

It's been a sad month all round for those of us who grew up watching films in the 90's. First there was the immensely distressing news of Robin William's suicide, who had mesmerised to a whole Read More → - Part of The Hut Group