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Zavvi’s A To Z Of Directors | The Coen Brothers

Straight out of Minnesota, Joel and Ethan Coen started script-writing and editing in their preliminary years, with Joel working as a production assistant and  Ethan penning scripts. In fact, from the moment Joel saved up for a Super 8 camera Read More →

PS4 Sales break 7 million mark

Tokyo, April 17, 2014 - Sony today announced that the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system has cumulatively sold through more than 7.0 million units globally as of April 6, 2014, demonstrating the rapid growth of the PS4 Read More →

Biome Alpha Preview

Infinite permutations of beauty.

Whilst I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate to describe the alpha of Biome (by three-man team Tom KailJon Tree and Joe Grainger) as a game - being as it is that there Read More →

Competition | Win a copy of Titanfall!

Win yourself a copy of the amazing Titanfall for Xbox One here at Zavvi!

Winner of more than 80 coveted awards from critics around the world, Titanfall is winning over fans with its thrilling, dynamic first-person action gameplay featuring Read More →

How games are changing lives with SpecialEffect

One of the most enlightening aspects of visiting the EGX Rezzed convention this year was meeting the people behind SpecialEffect, a charity that aims to do 'whatever it takes to help people with disabilities Read More →

Under The Skin is a disturbing tale of horror, loneliness and distrust

Jonathan Glazer claims it took him the best part of a decade to craft this dark, unsettling feature, and the result is a distorted, bizarre universe that leaves us questioning our very existence and purpose. Dressed in fake fur, clunky old Read More →

Rezzed Preview: Kaiju Panic

The second game of note that I got my hands on at this year's Rezzed was an alpha build of a real-time strategy come tower defense game called  Kaiju Panic by Mechabit. The devs describe it Read More →

Rezzed Preview: TinyKeep

The first of the indie games that I got my hands on at Rezzed this year was Tiny Keep, developed by Phigames. The team describe the game as:

An upcoming action RPG with a heavy focus on smart monster AI. You Read More → - Part of The Hut Group