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4K Ultra HD

The Blu-ray “Mastered in 4K” collection will set a new standard for Blu-ray HD picture and sound, creating the ultimate 1080p home entertainment experience. Created from the highest quality 4K source materials with new expanded colour*, consumers can enjoy a brilliant picture with exquisite detail using their existing Blu-ray player or PlayStation®3. The Blu-ray “Mastered in 4K” collection is optimized so that 4K Ultra HD TV owners can take full advantage of the new 4K upscaling technology, delivering an outstanding near-4K experience. “Mastered in 4K” Blu-rays also work with all 1080p HDTVs for spectacular high definition picture and sound. *Expanded colour requires xvYCC-compatible TV and Blu-ray player Why “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray? • Get the best Blu-ray picture possible, mastered from 4K source materials • Push your TV to the limit with a high bitrate digital transfer for an immersive visual experience • Ideal solution for new 4K TV owners and great for Blu-ray collectors