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As hard as Xbox One Consoles are to come by at the moment little could justify a £6000 price tag no matter how much you love to pwn newbs. This blingy 24-carat version is rumoured to be the only one in the world and has been gold plated by Crystal Rocked.


Xbox One consoles have been selling at a record pace other past few weeks and I suspect the demand in the market will soon see this novelty console bagged by an eager shopper. As a collector’s item I’m sure the longer they hold on to this the more valuable it will become. Would you buy this to play on it?

Harrods and Microsoft’s marketing teams must feel like they have the Midas touch right now with a significant number of articles being written about the console and the general interest that has been shown by the public.

If you see any photographs of golden Xbox One’s on ebay personally I’d beware. You’ll probably end up with a really expensive photograph of this console.

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