Hawkeye: Who Is Behind The Mysterious Murder?

Latest Marvel show Hawkeye has now debuted, with the first two episodes presenting us with an intriguing murder mystery to solve.

2021-11-24 15:42:14 By Emily Murray


Hawkeye: Behind The Scenes On Marvel's Festive Adventure

We spoke to executive producer Trinh Tran and director/executive producer Rhys Thomas about new Marvel show Hawkeye, a festive superhero adventure!

2021-11-21 10:47:35By Emily Murray


Blade Runner Live Action TV Series Announced By Ridley Scott

The legendary director has revealed that his classic film is getting a ten-part series adaptation - and an Alien spin-off isn't far behind too.

2021-11-22 14:01:36By Alistair Ryder


The Addams Family At 30: How It Unexpectedly Became A Comedy Classic

We still can't get enough of the crazy, kooky family 30 years on - here's how The Addams Family unexpectedly became an enduring comedy classic.

2021-11-19 17:38:24 By Tom Chapman