Ciarán Hinds And Newcomer Jude Hill Talk Kenneth Branagh's Belfast

Ciarán Hinds and newcomer Jude Hill talk all things director Kenneth Branagh's passion project Belfast as it hits UK cinemas.

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Behind The Scenes On Historical Thriller Munich: The Edge Of War

We spoke to director Christian Schwochow and actor Jannis Niewöhner about Netflix's historical thriller Munich: The Edge Of War.

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Nightmare Alley: How Guillermo Del Toro Explores The Monsters Of The Past

As the director's latest film hits cinemas, we reflect on how he uses his movies and fantastical elements to explore the darkest moments in history.

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Moon Knight: Full Trailer Breakdown And Analysis

Embrace the chaos. The first full trailer for Marvel's upcoming show Moon Knight has debuted, showing us Oscar Isaac as the mysterious hero.

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