Videodrome At 40: Unpacking The Even More Twisted Original Ending

David Cronenberg's 1983 movie remains a disturbing body horror masterpiece. But the original ending was even more depraved than what we got...

2023-02-01 17:04:04 By Alistair Ryder


Behind The Scenes Of EO, The Dazzling Donkey Road Trip Movie

Director Jerzy Skolimowski discusses the epic 26 month shoot of EO, his critically acclaimed donkey road trip movie, ahead of its UK cinema release.

2023-02-01 11:53:24By Alistair Ryder


The Top 10 Best M. Night Shyamalan Films

As Knock At The Cabin arrives in UK cinemas, we look back through M. Night Shyamalan's filmography to pick our favourites to date.

2023-02-01 16:01:37By Alistair Ryder


Who Is Booster Gold? Origin Story, Powers, And DCU TV Show

A Booster Gold TV series has been announced as part of the first chapter of the new DCU. We take a look at the character and what to expect from the show.

2023-02-01 14:05:26 By Alistair Ryder