Willow: Warwick Davis And Jonathan Kasdan On The Epic Adventure

The star and showrunner of the legacy sequel series caught up with Zavvi to talk about why now was the right time to return to the world of Willow.

2022-11-29 12:12:01 By Alistair Ryder


E.T. At 40: Actor Henry Thomas Reflects On The Spielberg Classic

As E.T. celebrates its 40th anniversary, we caught up with Henry Thomas to discuss the film's legacy, Spielberg, and the wildest fan theories.

2022-11-18 11:23:32By Emily Murray


Director Luca Guadagnino And More Talk Cannibal Romance Bones And All

The acclaimed director, alongside screenwriter David Kajganich and more, help us sink our teeth into his surprisingly emotional cannibal love story.

2022-11-18 10:17:28By Team Zavvi


Bodies Bodies Bodies: The Making Of The Year's Nastiest Murder Mystery

Ahead of its release on home entertainment, we break down this year's savage satire Bodies Bodies Bodies with director Halina Reijn.

2022-11-18 11:03:44 By Emily Murray