Saw X director talks secrets of horror sequel

Zavvi spoke to Saw X director Kevin Greutert about why he wanted the movie to correct some of the horror franchise's previous missteps...

2023-12-07 09:13:57 By Alistair Ryder


Director Paul King Talks Bringing Wonka To Life

We caught up with King to talk Wonka, the similarities between Willy and Paddington, and why every movie needs a Hugh Grant musical number.

2023-12-04 11:55:48By Alistair Ryder


Director Francis Lawrence Talks Returning To The Hunger Games

Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson spoke to Zavvi about the challenges of making their Hunger Games prequel, and how Dolly Parton helped influence the movie.

2023-11-14 09:28:48By Alistair Ryder


Eli Roth Talks Bonkers Thanksgiving Slasher

The cult horror director spoke to Zavvi about his deranged new horror-comedy Thanksgiving, and his pitch for a Great British Bake Off-inspired sequel.

2023-11-14 10:24:16 By Alistair Ryder