Game Of Thrones Star Talks Epic New Roman Series

Iwan Rheon, the lead of Prime Video's Those About to Die, joined co-star Sara Martins and director Roland Emmerich to talk their new historical drama - and why we still can't get enough of the Roman Empire.

2024-07-17 11:17:07 By Alistair Ryder


Tron 3 Director Talks His Inspiring Sports Drama

Taking a break from the Tron: Ares editing suite, director Joachim Rønning spoke to us about his latest film, the sports biopic Young Woman and the Sea.

2024-07-16 10:40:32By Alistair Ryder


Behind The Scenes Of Twisters With Director Lee Isaac Chung

The Oscar-nominated director told us why Twisters is a deeply personal movie for him - and what he wanted to see that no other blockbuster had attempted before.

2024-07-15 12:30:55By Alistair Ryder


Maika Monroe And Osgood Perkins Introduce Satanic Thriller Longlegs

The director and star of the year's most acclaimed horror spoke to Zavvi about transforming the police procedural movie, an otherworldly Nicolas Cage performance, and much more...

2024-07-09 08:25:01 By Alistair Ryder