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One of the most famous superheroes of all-time, shop all things Clark Kent with our range of Superman merchandise & gifts.

With his origins coming way back in 1938 through the old Action Comics, Superman is one of the oldest and most popular heroes around.

His appearance depicts him as a human being but Kal-El is anything but that. This guy is blessed with unbelievable physical attributes, superhuman strength, the ability to fly and even laser vision.

He finds himself on Earth after being evacuated from his home planet of Krypton which is on the brink of destruction. Saved by his father who sacrifices himself in the process, his escape ship lands in Texas where he’s raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

When living with his new parents, Kal is named Clark Kent and as he grows older, he becomes more aware and at one with his incredible powers.

He and his new parents try to keep his super powers under wraps but Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane becomes increasingly suspicious and eventually discovers the truth about his real identity.

With Lois’ support he uses his powers to fight off various threats to earth and we come across a number of crazy Superman villains in the process. We see the likes of Brainiac, Doomsday, General Zod and the famous Lex Luthor all pose serious threats to Earth and Kent.

The Man of Steel has featured in various forms through comics, books, TV and films – with various Superman actors donning the iconic blue & red outfit. Featuring the likes of Dean Cain, Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill.

The Superman logo is one of the most recognised around the world and his success has seen him become one of DC Comics holy trinity alongside Batman and Wonder Woman – along with the star of the Justice League.

He’s the most powerful member of the JL and he’s certainly someone that you wouldn’t want to upset! Residents of Earth don’t realise just how lucky they are to have him on their side.

And now all of us lucky residents can show our support for this famous hero with our range of Superman merch which is indeed, pretty super.

Bring the Man of Steel to your wardrobe with our range of Superman t shirts which are perfect for all fans of this Krypton legend. Featuring the iconic Superman symbol and coming in a range of colours, you’ll certainly feel like you’re him when wearing one of these!

Our range of clothing also includes jumpers and sweatshirts, these will keep you warm on those cold evenings but maybe not even to produce your own heat vision!

The longevity of his story is what makes him such a widely appealing hero and you can re-live all his adventures, near-misses and battles with our range of Superman DVDs & Blu-ray’s. These make a great gift for any fan of the Man of Steel and they're even available as limited edition steelbooks with special artwork.

There’s several pieces of memorabilia to come from this franchise which is music to the ears of collectors. Various collectibles include Superman figures and busts that would make a real standout addition for any collection. 

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! Bring him to life with our range of Superman art and posters that make a neat addition to any room in the home. Our selection of cushions, entrance mats, mugs and glassware also make great gifts for any super fans out there.

Our must-have Superman merchandise and accessories will give you everything you need to fight off the threat of Kryptonite and they’re a must for any fan of the franchise!