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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Zavvi’s wide range of officially licensed Superman merchandise. Inspired by the DC Universe’s Man of Steel, our products are here to help you build a collection worthy of the Fortress of Solitude. You can experience the latest movies on DVD and Blu-ray, wear Superman T-shirts with the hero’s iconic symbol, or fill your shelves with high-quality collectables.
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Official Superman Merchandise

If you’re searching for DC Comics merchandise, you simply must include the Last Son of Krypton. Clark Kent / Kal-El (created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) has existed in the DC Universe since 1938, and today, he is an integral part of pop culture, one recognised around the world.

Our line-up of Superman merch captures the extraordinary characteristics and powers of this famous hero, emphasising his commitment to justice. Whether you’re looking to expand your own collection or purchase Superman gifts for your friends and family, we guarantee that you’ll find products suitable for a DC fan.

Superman Movie Merchandise

Though the Man of Steel is first and foremost associated with comic books, many of his fans have been created through adaptations. These range from the classic Christopher Reeves films to the modern releases starring actors such as Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill.

To accommodate those who prefer the cinematic approach of filmmaking over the artistry of a well-made comic, we stock a multitude of products based on these movies, including Superman Returns and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandise. You can, of course, purchase all your favourites on DVD and Blu-ray (also available in 4K UHD), and there are plenty of Superman action figures and statues depicting the likenesses of actors who have portrayed the character.

Superman Merch for Adults and Kids

DC Comics are targeted not only toward adults, but also toward children. That’s why our selection of products contains Man of Steel merchandise for everyone. For starters, you can browse our clothing items, which come in sizes from small to large. When it’s cold, we’d suggest purchasing Superman hoodies and sweatshirts, but when the sun is super-charging your Kryptonian cells, you should don a printed T-shirt.

Do you want your kids to explore the history of this incredible superhero? We sell graphic novels in both paperback and hardcover formats, giving fans the chance to enjoy engrossing stories made for readers of different ages.

Superman Merch for Collectors

Being a collector means having loads of displayable items on your shelves. Action figures are a great choice for this, as they are comparatively inexpensive and can be presented in whichever way suits. Though lacking articulation, statues are often the centrepieces of a collection, showcasing Kal-El's power and presence with meticulous attention to detail.

Once you’ve filled all the available space on your shelves, you can continue transforming your home into a miniature Fortress of Solitude using Superman homeware. Mugs, cushions, entrance mats, and more display the signature colours of the Man of Tomorrow, blue and red, and the ‘S’ logo that he displays on his chest, so you can add a touch of heroism to any room.