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Shop all things Tony Stark with our range of Iron Man gifts & merchandise.

He’s one of the longest serving superheroes around after making his debut in the old Marvel Comics back in 1963, becoming a household name since.

The comics are where he really made his name for himself but since arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, this character has gone to new levels.

Portrayed by the brilliant Robert Downey Jr, he really epitomises the pure genius and sheer ego of Tony Stark across all three films and the Avengers franchise.

Iron Man differs to your standard superhero as-in he’s not a human with extraordinary powers. Stark built the suit himself, with it powered by the arc reactor inside his chest.

He’s known for being a genius, coming up with several fantastic innovative creations but this is without a doubt his greatest yet.

The suit allows him to fly at super high speeds, use heavy weaponry and just generally do what he wants. Which sometimes isn’t great when it’s an eccentric billionaire at the wheel.

But it’s his ego that makes Tony Stark such a great character and despite his self-love, he does have a heart.

On many occasions he’s proven that he’s willing to do what’s necessary, even if it represents a risk to his own life. So he's very much a team player.

This is more evident than ever across the Avengers franchise where he works alongside other Marvel heroes to fight off extra-terrestrial threats to earth.

Handpicked by S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury alongside the likes of Captain America, Hulk and Thor, he becomes a key part of Earth’s defence which results in some explosive action. A must watch.

This guy is without a doubt one of the best heroes in the MCU and we have plenty of cool Iron Man merch & gifts that are worthy of the great man.

Fans can now experience what it’s like to be this sublime hero with an Iron Man helmet. This full scale piece of head wear is fully electronic, featuring LED light up eyes, sound effects and much more – a perfect gift for any budding super hero or super fan.

You can also play out some of this Marvel legends adventures with Iron Man LEGO. An ideal gift for young fans and collectors, this allows you to get hands on with Tony Stark, Iron Man armor, his laboratory and gadgets.

Take your love for your favourite hero to the next level with our range of Iron Man soundtracks and music. This features iconic tunes from the movies and much more, they’re pretty great and they’d make a great addition to your home alongside Iron Man posters & prints. They look badass.

You can also add some Marvel fashion to your wardrobe with our super cool range of Iron Man t shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. These feature the Iron Man logo and him doing general ironman things – great right?

Merch also includes Iron Man figures and Pop! Vinyl which again make great additions to any collections. These includes everything from chrome figures right through to helmet busts, eye-catching and effective.

And if you’re somehow yet to see any of the action, you can do so with an Iron Man Box Set. This comes on DVD but we highly recommend Blu ray which allows you to take the viewing experience to a new level - witnessing all those blockbuster battle scenes in full HD goodness.

Here at Zavvi UK, we have all of your Iron Man merch needs covered.