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He may come from a planet much different to ours, but here at Zavvi UK we’ve sourced some of the best in Predator merchandise.

Including everything from Predator figures and t shirts right through to blu ray & DVDs, ideal for any super fan of this action-packed franchise.

A real titan of the action genre, Predator first hit cinemas around the world back in the late 80s with it since going on to achieve cult status.

Its success led onto three sequels; Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010) and The Predator (2018) along with crossovers into the Alien franchise (2004 & 2007), which lead to two big movies.

But it all stemmed from the success of the original from 1987, which has gone onto become something of a classic.

The story follows the exploits of an elite team going to rescue a CIA agent in an America jungle. The team consists of six members, all ridiculously ripped and big in stature, led by commanding Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Arnie is the don when it comes to old action blockbusters, with him reprising several success roles during that era and this is another that he’s gained elite status from.

Dutch & co begin their mission in the vast, humid rain forest but once they reach their destination and carry out their objectives, they start to become aware that they’re being tracked by something slightly unusual.

An alien like creature with advanced weaponry and spying apparatus is stalking their every move using heat vision, making it extremely difficult to avoid.

The creature (Predator) is a bit of a badass. Along with his cool spying equipment and mounted plasma rifle he also boasts special camo that makes him invisible to the naked eye. He’s someone that we wouldn’t want to be left with in the middle of the jungle.

As the movie progresses it begins to pick off more members of Dutch’s task force before their inevitable high octane battle which is unmissable. It’s one you can’t miss with Arnie at his brilliant, old school best.

If you love action movies, then this 80’s classic certainly fits the bill. All of us here at Zavvi UK are huge fans too we have a collection of Predator merchandise & gifts worthy of this extra-terrestrial warrior.

Our selection of merch is ideal for big collectors, with Predator figures and statues that make the ultimate collectable. He may not be as dangerous as he is in real life, but the detail and depth within them shows just how scary this character is. But If you’re looking for something still scary (but slightly more friendly), Predator pop vinyl figures are always a popular choice.

If you’re yet to see how destructive this creature is or you just want to re-live some of the action, our selection of Predator Blu ray, DVD & 4K UHD fits the bill. These include every entrance into the franchise, which also features the original in 4K UHD, meaning you get to experience vintage Arnie in ultra-high definition – what more could you ask for?

These movies have provided us with some heart stopping, but hugely entertaining moments which make for some pretty mean artwork. These allow you to bring this unique character to life with our range of Predator posters & prints. A must for any super fan of the franchise, especially the original, these will make an eye-catching addition to your home.

It may be over 30 years since this terrifying creature first premiered on our screens but it remains as popular as ever and If you’re a big fan of this ruthless hunter, Zavvi UK’s merch is for you. And P.S. there's no need to worry about the threat of heat vision or camouflaged alien warriors here.