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Predator Merchandise

Get to the chopper, and explore Zavvi UK’s wide range of Predator merchandise. We have a whole host of products available for you to purchase, including DVDs and Blu-rays, action figures, statues, and more.

No Time To Bleed

An iconic franchise in the action genre, Predator first released in cinemas around the world in the late ‘80s. The film proved a massive success, and it has since gone on to spawn various sequels and spin-offs: Predator 2 (1990), Alien Vs. Predator (2004), Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (2007), Predators (2010), The Predator (2018), and more.

Released in 1987, Predator follows the exploits of an elite team as they attempt to rescue a number of hostages being held in a Central American jungle. The team consists of six members, all ridiculously ripped and big in stature, led by Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Dutch and company begin their mission through the vast, humid rainforest. However, once they reach their destination and carry out their objectives, they start to become aware that they’re being tracked by an elusive predator. This hunter is in fact an alien, and said alien is equipped with advanced weaponry. Along with thermal detection and a mounted plasma rifle, the ‘Predator’ boasts a unique form of camouflage that makes it invisible to the naked eye.

As the movie progresses, the Predator begins picking off more members of Dutch’s taskforce. The film culminates with a high-octane battle, which remains iconic to this day.

Claim Your Trophy

If you can’t get enough of ‘80s action movies, our line-up of Predator merchandise has everything you need to build your collection.

Experience the classic movie and its various successors with our DVDs and Blu-rays, presenting Arnie and his fang-faced nemesis in glorious high-definition quality. For die-hard fans, we also offer a selection of exclusive steelbooks, which feature unique artwork.

Ready to take on the Predator for yourself? Take home a number of figures and statues, bringing to life the many Yautja seen across the films as well as their human enemies (or should we say prey?). 

Over the course of many decades, the Predator franchise has provided fans with many heart-stopping and spine-ripping moments. Naturally, these scenes look great as posters and prints. Have a browse, and pick out the one that will look best in your home.

It’s been a long time since the Yautja first graced our screens. However, they remain some of the most iconic creatures in movie history. If you’re a massive fan of these ruthless hunters, our Predator merchandise has everything you’re looking for!