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Friends Merchandise

How you doin’? Arguably the biggest sitcom of all time and an American classic, find the best Friends gifts and merchandise here at Zavvi UK.

This magnificent comedy boasts a mega 236 episodes spanning across 10 seasons, and that’s for good reason.

A Classic Of American Television

Friends is a timeless classic which still has plenty of viewers worldwide binging it and taking in the hilarious moments that have immersed us across its long runtime.

The show follows a group of six friends living in New York City – Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, and siblings Monica and Ross. Six very different characters that work perfectly in tandem with each other.

They get themselves into some absolutely ridiculous situations, and there’s loads that stand out to us, with our personal favourite being Ross’ attempt to spray tan – 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi… This will never get old. But there's SO many to choose from.

Origins of Friends

Beginning back in 1994, the longevity of the show speaks volumes, and each character brings something to the table.

Monica’s sheer desperation to clean and organise, Ross’ awkwardness, Joey’s charm, Phoebe’s quirkiness, Chandler’s comedy, and Rachel being Rachel – sitcom characters don’t get much better than this.

Despite the calls from everyone to get the show rebooted, it looks like the final season (which aired back in 2004) won’t be added to. So, unfortunately, a Friends reunion appears to be off the table.

Capture A Comedy Legacy

But hold back those tears, as your friends at Zavvi UK have plenty of great Friends merchandise and gifts that will enable you to capture some of that nostalgia.

Bring the show to life and have a lot of fun with Friends Monopoly – this reinvented classic is the perfect gift for super-fans. And if you’re wanting more, how about Friends LEGO?

This show has provided us with some great quotes over the years, and you can show off your favourites in various ways. Our selection of Friends homeware is a must for fans wanting to spruce up their house.

You can find Central Perk entrance mats, funny mugs, magnet sets, glassware, aprons, and much more! A great gift for all Friends lovers.

You can also spice up your wardrobe with our range of Friends T-shirts, sweatshirts, Christmas jumpers, hoodies, and robes that - if we do say so ourselves - look pretty damn good. Much better than Chandler’s fashion sense.

Time For A Binge Fest

And, of course, if you’re wanting to relive all those fantastic moments once again, you can pick up the entire Friends boxset on both DVD and Blu-ray. Perfect for those nights when you want some easy viewing.

Wow. All in all, what a fantastic sitcom this is. We’d love to see it make a comeback, but in the meantime, we have a class selection of Friends merchandise and gifts to help us all through this period.