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Journey into the realm of Ninjago with Zavvi UK and explore the ancient villages and innovative technology of the Lego Ninjago sets.

All of the sets in our collection are Official Lego merchandise!

Over 250 Ninjago Lego sets have been released since 2011, and they have captivated Lego collectors of all ages and levels.

Ninjago is a futuristic world where a group of courageous young Ninjas must pull together to unleash the inner power ofSpinjitzu and battle the forces of evil to protect Ninjago from the evil warlord, Emperor Garmadon.

Each of the 4 main Lego Ninjago characters is an elemental master with a distinctly coloured Ninja outfit. Kai is the red Ninja and master of fire, Cole is the black Ninja and master of the Earth, Jay is the blue Ninja and master of lightning, Zane is the white Ninja and master of Ice.

The other characters include Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, who is the green Ninja and elemental master of Energy, Kai’s younger sister Nya is the grey Ninja and elemental master of Water. Finally, Sensei Wu is the Master and teacher of the main Ninja.

The Ninjago characters featured in the 3D animated feature-length film ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ (2017), which was the third installment of the Lego Movie franchise.

There is also a TV series that premiered in 2011 and has gone on to achieve great success over the many series that followed. The series sees our heroic Ninja train in the legendary art ofSpinjitzu and fight to defend their home against the many foes who wish to destroy it.

Bring the iconic scenes from the movie or TV series to life with Zavvi UK’s collection of Lego Ninjago sets and kits. Build the Empire Temple of Madness or theShuricopter and let your imagination run wild!

Pick your favourite character and collect the Lego Ninjago Minifigures. Truly become a dragon master and engage in a Dragon duel with Spinjitsu figures and your very own Velocity Racers.

Lego allows you to step away from your busy life and escape to the magical realm of Ninjago. These engaging sets will suit any Lego fan and would be perfect as a gift. Browse our collection of Lego sets today.