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Build up your own team of superheroes with Official LEGO Superheroes sets from Zavvi UK.

Whether you're a fan of DC comics or Marvel comics characters, you’ll find a great selection of Lego sets from the most popular superhero films. In our collection, the Avengers, Batman and Spider-man take centre-stage, and you can re-build classic and iconic scenes from their movies and comic book appearances.

Since launching their first official Lego set in 1999 with the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing, these classic toys and collectables have since become a must-have item for any franchise fan or collector. The Lego Superheroes sets first became available in 2003, with the resurgence of these popular characters.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU is one of the most popular Film and TV franchises across the world. With movies and TV series based on the original characters from Marvel comics, all of which were created and conceptualized by legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

DC Comics is one of the oldest and largest American comic book companies and features many original characters like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. The many film appearances of their characters even include a Lego Batman movie (2017).

LEGO collectors of all ages and levels can enjoy these sets and experience the action of their favourite superhero movies! Let your imagination run wild as you witness these iconic characters and scenes from some incredible movies brought to life before your very eyes.

Our collection of Superhero Lego sets includes the LEGO Avengers sets, featuring the iconic Quinjet, Iron Man’s Hall of Armour and some of the franchise’s iconic characters like Hulk, Thor and War Machine.

The Lego Superhero collection here at Zavvi UK also includes some amazing Batman scenes such as the Batcave and the Batmobile. Bring this mysterious hero into your collection and recreate some iconic scenes!

Browse our incredible collection of Superhero Lego sets today.