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Answer the call of the Bat-Signal with Zavvi’s wide range of Batman LEGO sets, which include minifigures and vehicles. These Batman toys will transport fans to all corners of Gotham City, allowing you to visit the Dark Knight’s cave, pilot his many vehicles (such as the Batmobile and Batcycle), and capture the supervillains that terrorise the streets.
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Batman LEGO Sets for Adults and Kids

Joining the line-up of DC Comics LEGO sets, Batman LEGO exists as part of Super Heroes, a theme launched in 2011. Prior to the debut of the line, the character had featured in several Dark Knight sets released between 2006 and 2008, which stood independently. Today, however, the Caped Crusader is accompanied by dozens of other heroes and villains, including Superman and Wonder Woman.

LEGO Batman sets are suitable for not only children, but also adult collectors who want to display iconic pieces inspired by the comics and movies. From the Batmobile to the Batcave, these models will stand out among the collection of any long-time DC Comics or LEGO fan.

LEGO Batman Minifigures: Heroes and Villains

Gotham is a city overcome by criminals and vigilantes alike, and you will recognise many familiar faces included in our Batman LEGO sets: the Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Catwoman, Robin, Batwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, and more. They are represented by minifigures, which come equipped with character-appropriate accessories, such as Batarangs and grappling guns.

These LEGO Batman minifigures accompany larger sets, giving fans the opportunity to imagine new stories in famous locations like the Batcave, Ace Chemicals, and Arkham Asylum.

LEGO Batman Vehicles: Cars, Bikes, Boats, and Planes

The Caped Crusader is a hero with many gadgets, most of which are stored on hist trusty utility belt. But there are some parts of his arsenal that don’t fit around his waist, instead being kept in the Batcave. We are, of course, talking about his vehicles: cars, bikes, boats, and planes.

The most recognisable of these vehicles is the Batmobile, which has undergone several transformations over the years. For example, you can build a LEGO Batman car based on the Tumbler from director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

Some products in our selection overlap with different themes, such as LEGO Technic. The Batcycle from The Batman (2022) demonstrates how this can benefit the models, having improved steering, suspension, and a chain drive that connects the engine to the rear wheel.

The LEGO Batman Movie DVDs and Blu-rays

In 2017, The LEGO Batman Movie was released, and it quickly became a box-office success. Featuring the voice-acting talents of Will Arnett (as Bruce Wayne), the film follows Gotham’s hero as he tries to save the city from the Joker’s latest scheme. He is not alone, though, with Robin helping as his sidekick.

If you want to experience this epic adventure, you can purchase The LEGO Batman Movie DVD or Blu-ray. Don’t forget to purchase the 4K Ultra HD edition for the best visual quality and immersive sound.