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When it comes to iconic super villains there aren’t too many like the Joker and here at Zavvi UK, we have a quirky range of merchandise available around this DC legend.

We’re meant to dislike villains across superhero movies, books and comics. They’re often looking to cause huge damage with their evil intentions, but with the Joker it all seems to be quite different.

This is a character who’s been around since 1940, constantly causing havoc in Batman’s beloved Gotham City. He brings a new dimension and meaning to villains with his comical and kooky approach, much to the frustration of his nemesis.

He’s a character that’s been portrayed in comics, books and in various films by a number of superb actors, which shows just how big he is. The likes of Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix and the great Heath Ledger have all played the Joker in recent years, with the latter’s adaption in the Dark Knight one of the greatest performances of all time across any superhero movie.

He provides humour and is without a doubt one of the most fun characters around in any of the comic universes. In 2019’s ‘Joker’ we discovered that before he adapted the clown face he was known as Arthur Fleck, a stand-up comedian forgotten by society. This laid the foundations for what has come and gave us an insight into his nature and origins.

But despite the him coming across as a rather fun character, he’s incredibly dangerous – so don’t let the face paint fool you! He has a knack for producing the unexpected but at Zavvi UK that’s something you don’t have to worry about when checking out our range of merchandise around Mr Arthur Fleck.

Our selection of gifts and merch are perfect for all fans, going from the comics right through to the modern day film version. So whether you’re a collector or an admirer of the DC legend, our selection quirky accessories like Joker Funko Pop! Vinyl, action figures, lights, mugs and of course, his iconic playing cards – an absolute must for all lovers of the man.

If you’re looking for something slightly different and want to add some funky new garments to your wardrobe. We have a range of unique officially licensed clothing featuring Joker t shirts, hoodies, Christmas jumpers & much more and if we say so ourselves, they’re pretty special. They’d look even better at home alongside a Joker poster or print too – just saying.

Keeping up with him can be difficult as he spans across such a long period of time, appearing in multiple books, comics and films. So check out our range of Joker DVD’s and Blu-ray’s to enjoy his adventures once again or for the first time – a great gift for a friend.

If you’re a fan of Batman’s main adversary, then Zavvi UK is the place to be for all your Joker merch!