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Super Mario LEGO

Mount your nearest Yoshi, and discover Zavvi UK’s wide range of of Super Mario LEGO sets. Here you will find a variety of products inspired by Nintendo's iconic series of video games, each of which captures the aesthetic of the franchise while reimagining its characters as block-shaped Minifigures. Yes, it's time to use your treasure trove of gold coins to experience this world on a whole new level. What are you waiting for? Princess Peach won’t save herself.

Enter The Mushroom Kingdom

Created by Nintendo in 1985, Super Mario is a popular series of video games that has achieved critical acclaim throughout its long history, which spans across multiple console generations. Its eponymous character — who has also appeared in movies and TV series — is one of the most recognisable figures in pop culture, sporting his signature moustache and red cap. Traditionally, his many adventures have pitted him against the villainous Bowser and his army of Goombas, and our unlikely hero is forced to travel the many corners of the world in pursuit of Princess Peach. Taking control, players must navigate the levels' many traps and obstacles, which have made the game a staple of the platforming genre.

Though most fans are used to controlling the titular plumber, he is not the only member of the cast. There are dozens of unique characters to meet: Luigi, Toad, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, and many more. Each of them has received their chance to shine, whether this occurs while conquering the many race tracks of Mario Kart or taking on the spooky ghost of Luigi's Mansion, and now you can continue their exploits in a new format: the toy brick.

1-Up Your Collection

Raid the vaults of Bowser's Castle, and discover our huge line-up of Super Mario LEGO sets. Having existed since the early 1900s, this hugely popular toy company has developed some of the market's greatest products, and they now turn their attention to this fantastic video game franchise. The 2D side-scroller has been transformed into a selection of 3D play kits (including fortresses, castles, and toadstools), ready for you to assemble, display, and enjoy.