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Take a trip to Hawkins with Zavvi UK and unearth a new world of Stranger Things merch. Bring some of this 80’s based cult classic to life, but hopefully not too literally as we’d like to avoid bumping into the Demogorgan!

Back in 2016, Netflix changed the world by releasing this magnificent series. An eight part first season followed the fortunes of school friends Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will in the picturesque American town of Hawkins.

From the outside it appears that this small settlement is quite peaceful and content, but the gang are soon forced to deal with supernatural matters that beggar their beliefs.

After playing together at Mike’s one evening, Will ends up missing. Something unheard of in a small town like Hawkins and as his friends and family hunt for him, they encounter the mysterious Eleven. The guys are understandably cautious of her to begin with but she begins to reveal what happened to Will. The Stranger Things monster, the Demogorgan, captured him and has him captive in the upside down, an alternate dimension parallel to our world – spooky right?

As the show develops we’re revealed more of Eleven’s past and her powers that enable her to do incredible things, meaning that the boys have a huge weapon to help them in their fight for Will’s return.

Across these opening eight episodes we meet all kinds of interesting characters including Hopper, Steve, Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan who all play their part in this epic. It's sublime 80’s soundtrack, fashion and landscape really transports you back to this era, which has played it's part in making it a cult classic. And to make things even better – this is just season ONE. So check out the rest of the madness right now. Kudos Netflix on this masterpiece.

We’re not going to lie, the upside down looks like a pretty scary place but fortunately for you all, our range of Stranger Things merchandise won’t take you there. So don’t worry about being dragged in by the Demorgogan like Will was!

At Zavvi UK we have a range of merch, gifts and accessories that are absolutely ideal for fans of this incredible franchise. So whether you’re a collector, an avid watcher or simply looking to find a quirky gift for a friend who loves ST, you’re in luck.

Shop from our range of clothing which includes some really cool Stranger Things t shirts, hoodies and even Christmas jumpers – they’re as Eleven would say, bitchin’. These feature some of your favourite characters and come on let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to add a bit of Hawkins to their wardrobe?

And that isn’t where the gifts and merch end too. You can find a selection of Stranger Things Pop! Vinyl figures which includes the likes of Eleven, Mike, Steve and even the Demogorgan. Even though he’s been given the Funko treatment, he’s still pretty scary. But if you want to combat him at home, why not look at our Stranger Things posters & prints which are pretty swish additions to any room.

Alongside that we have mugs, action figures, glassware, door mats and the much fabled Stranger Things soundtrack that’ll really transport you to a new era.

And if you’re still not up to speed on the franchise or somehow haven’t even watched it yet, we have Stranger Things Blu-ray and DVDs so you can enjoy it at your own leisure at home.

So head on over to Zavvi UK for all your Hawkins and upside down needs – you’re safe from the monsters here.