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Kids’ Christmas T-Shirts

Treat the little ones to a large festive surprise with Zavvi’s expansive range of kids’ Christmas T-shirts, brought to you from numerous officially licensed brands.

Featuring all their favourite franchises from all areas of pop culture, including film, TV, video games, and comic books—you can be sure we have the kids’ Christmas T-shirt for all of Father Christmas’ well-behaved elves!

So dive into Santa’s sleigh (or something highly resembling it), and pick the gift best suited to your—we’re sure, well-behaved—loved ones.

We know it can be hard to get it just right year after year, Christmas after Christmas, but we never let our customers—or their kids—down!

They’ll be bouncing to joy and ready to spread some Christmas cheer... No tantrums allowed!

Their Favourite Characters

Sometimes our kids think we don’t pay attention, but it’s time to prove them how wrong they are!

And Zavvi is here to help with our massive line-up of kids’ Christmas T-shirts. That’s right, we have their favourite superheroes, spaceships, and fantastical creatures all wrapped up and topped off with a silver bow—decorated in Christmas-inspired artistry purpose-built to get them in the Christmas spirit.

Featuring Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Mario, Jurassic Park, Gremlins, Mickey Mouse, and so many more, you can be sure there’s something on every child’s letter to Santa Claus.

Christmas T-Shirts For All Growing Children

Getting kids’ clothing to fit can be a nightmare. But we here at Zavvi want to make sure that you don’t have a nightmare before Christmas—pun fully intended.

Bringing you a multi-sized selection of kids’ Christmas T-shirts, there is something for the smallest of our young friends to the tallest. Because every kid's Christmas T-shirt should fit. What is the Christmas spirit all about if not for sharing?

Beat The Christmas Rush!

Don’t fall behind with the crowd this Christmas; get ahead of the rabble and sort your presents early. There’s nothing worse than a disappointed child at Christmas, as we’re sure any parent is very aware of.

And with all our incredible deals and unbelievable prices, how can you say no? Even little Timmy would be a stickler for that bargain!

Browse through our complete range of kids’ Christmas T-shirts today, and make this Christmas the best one yet!