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One of the greatest gaming franchises to arrive on the scene since the turn of the millennium, shop all things Master Chief with our range of Halo merchandise & gifts.

Our selection of merch includes everything from Halo figures and posters right through to pop vinyls and blu ray – meaning there’s something available for fans of all levels.

We were first introduced to the Halo universe back in 2001 through Combat Evolved. This first person shooter developed by Bungie debuted on the Xbox before eventually transitioning onto PC & Mac.

It follows the missions of Master Chief and an army of humans who discover a mysterious ring world (Halo), which leads to them being involved in a huge war with the Covenant – who are trying to discover the location of Earth.

An attack on the Pillar of Autumn (human ship) by their alien enemies in the opening mission results in it crashing into Halo. The opening battle and landing on the ring world is really a sign of things to come, which makes for a truly outstanding campaign.

Playing entirely as the Chief, you take on alien armies, zombies and have a whole host of cool weapons and vehicles to help you along the way.

The story introduces us to key characters like Cortana, Sgt. Johnson, the Arbiter and many more who all contribute to the brilliantness of this game – but the Chief is certainly the main man.

The single player story across this game is what makes it so legendary, with it still immensely popular 20 years on from its release which tells its own story.

The success of Combat evolved was huge and it led to several other entrances to the video game series, with a total of 13 sequels made – some going, right?

Another big factor in its soaring popularity are the multi-player modes which revolutionised online gaming. The matchmaking and custom games allowed you to get up to all kinds of mischief with friends and people from around the world and it was an awful lot of fun.

The demand for the franchise also moved into TV and movies through the release of Halo Legends, Forward Unto Dawn & Nightfall which have all gone down very well with fans.

For many of us this is now a real nostalgic series and there’s a whole selection of cool Halo merch & gifts available that’ll have the memories and good times flooding back.

The surroundings and characters are what make this franchise so unique and fans can get involved with them through our selection of Halo figures. Including the likes of the Master Chief, Sgt. Johnson, The Arbiter and more, they make pretty special collectibles and are a must for big fans of the franchise.

Big hitters from the series are also available in Funko pop form with our range of Halo pop vinyls. These make special additions to any collection but don't worry, you won’t have the wrath of the Covenant chasing you for them.

This series has made its way onto various platforms, with even Halo monopoly now out there. This is the closest thing you’ll get to real life Halo Wars, with this classic board game giving you the chance to battle for iconic locations such as The Ark, Reach, Alpha Halo and Earth – a great gift for fans.

You can also personalise your home with Halo posters, meaning that the Chief is protecting you from the threat of the elites and the flood at all times.

A franchise that’s now over 20 years old and still going strong and with more games in the pipeline courtesy of 343 Industries, there’s exciting times ahead for fans with the potential for lots more Halo merch to come.