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Far Cry Merchandise

Conquer the wilderness with Zavvi UK’s wide range of Far Cry merchandise. Here you will find all the essential gear needed to survive in a world of pirates, dictators, and fanatics.

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Did I Ever Tell You The Definition Of Insanity?

Far Cry is a series of video games and one of the flagship titles of Ubisoft. Originally, the game was developed by Crytek — intended to demonstrate their CryEngine software. They released the first instalment in 2004 before the rights were acquired by Ubisoft, who went on to create several games.

Primarily developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry is a first-person-shooter (FPS) series and is often based in an open-world setting. Unlike many long-running series, each Far Cry game is usually disconnected. However, there are many shared elements, with the various entries generally based in a wilderness environment and pitting the players against a number of enemy factions.

The first game in the series follows the character of Jack Carver, a man who finds himself on a fictional island in the Micronesia region. He discovers the work of Dr. Kriger and the Krieger Corporation, who are creating Trigen Beasts to sell to mercenaries.

Following in Crytek’s footsteps, Ubisoft reimagined the franchise for Far Cry 2. Released in late 2008, this game did away with the tropical setting and the science-fiction elements, focusing on the plains of Africa. The fictional country in which the game takes place is currently in the middle of a civil war funded by the Jackal. Players take on the role of a mercenary seeking to bring him down.

With Far Cry 2 proving successful — setting aside a few critiques — Ubisoft continued this format for later instalments. Far Cry 3 returns players to the tropics and introduces the popular villain Vaas Montenegro. This character would inspire future antagonists, such as Pagan Min (Far Cry 4) and Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5).

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