5 Ways to prepare for The Last Jedi

With The Last Jedi coming to our screens with its theatrical release very soon, we’ve assembled a handy strategy guide on how to approach the release of the movie, how to steer clear of spoilers and ultimately, how to get hyped for this gargantuan entry into the Star Wars series. Are you ready to see Luke Skywalker on our screens once more? How about Chewie and the Porgs? Well, we’ve rounded up everything you need to possibly know about going to see it right here!

Unplug yourself from Social Media

Want to keep the experience of The Last Jedi completely pure? Well, there’s only one real way of doing that. To protect yourself against the incoming onslaught of spoilers that will be posted across the internet, log out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll never know when a random comment might ruin the entire movie experience for you! With huge reveals anticipated about the movie, you’ll want to preserve the wonder, surprise and awe of The Last Jedi. Everything, right down to character moments and spoilers can be found on the internet, so don’t appease those trolls looking to ruin the movie!

Rewatch every single movie in the Saga

What better way to prepare for a new Star Wars movie than watching every entry into the series. Start with the prequel trilogy, into Rogue One, the Original Trilogy and then The Force Awakens! It’s probably the best way to refresh yourself and truly immerse yourself in the pure Star Wars Experience. Get up to speed with every little detail, including little details such as the enigma of Darth Plagueis the Wise, Midichlorian Counts, Grey Jedis and more.

Buy a Lightsaber and Costume

Who didn’t own a Lightsaber when they were younger? There’s a huge range of awesome Lightsabers on offer, and don’t think you shouldn’t get one just because you’re a little bit older. The wonder of the Star Wars Universe knows no age brackets and bounds. So, dress up a little! Have a Lightsaber duel with your friends! Keep it safe, but to prepare for The Last Jedi, you’ll need to be one with the Force, and what better way to do that than emulate the iconic Jedi (or Sith) of you admire the most.

Get to the Cinema Early

The Last Jedi is one of the biggest movie releases in pop-culture history, so why not arrive a little earlier than you would to the cinema. Get the snacks and drinks in, and fully prepare yourself. There will undoubtedly be legions of Star Wars fans looking to see the movie, and maybe coming out from the last screening discussing all of the plot details. Luckily, if you bring a pair of headphones with you, you’ll be able to drown out all of the noise coming out to once again preserve the experience to make sure you are able to fully experience the magic fresh.

Unlearn what you have learned

In the wise words of Yoda. Prepare to stow away all of the speculation and predictions from your mind. Unlearn what you have learned, and engulf yourself in the pure Star Wars experience. Listen to John Williams’ epic score for the series, and get ready to feel the force with The Last Jedi’s incredible new entry into the saga. With excellent reviews and a huge amount of buzz, get ready to have every preconception and expectation shattered.

May the Force be with you.

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