Creed 3 Is Moving Forward As New Writer Is Hired

The Creed series will continue as writer Zach Baylin has been hired to pen the third movie.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Baylin, the writer of the upcoming Will Smith movie King Richard, will pen Creed 3.

The successful franchise, which acts both as a spin-off and sequel to the Rocky series, follows the story of Michael B. Jordan’s boxer Adonis Creed.

Warner Bros. Pictures

With no director currently hired, it is unclear when the third movie will enter production.

Jordan has a packed schedule ahead of him too with several projects to complete, including a currently untitled David O. Russell film as well as drama A Journal For Jordan, which is set to be directed by Denzel Washington.

The Creed movies have been hugely successful, with director Ryan Coogler’s first film grossing $173 million at the global box office, and Steven Caple Jr.’s sequel earning more than $214 million worldwide.

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We are sure then the third instalment will be well worth the wait.

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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