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Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you telling me that it’s October 21st… 2015?! Oh yes, if our calculations are correct, today is the day which Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to from 1985. Last week we already pointed out that there’s many events happening worldwide to welcome their arrival, ranging from the release of Pepsi Perfect bottles by Pepsi to cruise ship tours you can do to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise. All this talk about how Back to the Future has influenced the future (paradoxical huh?), or what it got right and what it got wrong, is all very interesting, but what actually happened historically on the 21st of October? Are there any other years Marty and Doc should have travelled back to to get a glimpse of?

If you’re curious, travel back in time with us, crossing all loops and alternative universes. Speed up to 88mph and let’s see what else happened on the 21st of October.

Back to the Future Newspaper

21st of October, 1854

The day Florence Nightingale was sent to the Crimean War and went on to save hundreds of lives.

21st of October, 1879 

The day Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable electric light bulb.

21st of October, 1945

The day the French women’s suffrage movement achieved a big victory: women in France gained the right to vote.

21st of October, 1959

The day the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum first opened its doors to the public. We bet Griff and his gang (Marty McFly’s rivals in Back to the Future Part II) wouldn’t have crashed into the Guggenheim building in the same way as they did with the Hill Valley clock tower!

21st of October, 1965 

The day that Disney bought 27,000 acres of land in Orlando to subsequently open Walt Disney World, today the most visited holiday resort in the world.

21st of October, 1980

The day that reality television and celebrity gossip would have looked a lot different without in 2015  – Kim Kardashian was born.

21st of October, 2003

The day that dwarf planet Eris was discovered.

21st of October, 2015

The day that the exclusive mystery Pop! Vinyl figure was revealed for the ZBOX (which happened to coincide with the re-release of Back to the Future Part II). Go and check it out!


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