Halloween Ends: Everything We Know About The Trilogy Finale

Evil won’t die tonight, but it will this October.

The bloody conclusion to director David Gordon Green’s trilogy of Halloween legacy sequels will hit cinemas later this year.

But whilst Halloween Ends is only a few months away from release, details are still largely being kept under wraps. We know that it will pick up a few years after the gruesome Halloween Kills, but other plot points remain scarce.

Here’s our guide to everything we know about the upcoming slasher sequel.


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Gordon Green has so far stated that the trilogy closer will take place four years after Halloween Kills, will directly acknowledge the Covid pandemic, and will be “much more contained”.

Meanwhile star Jamie Lee Curtis has said in interviews that not only will the film close out Laurie’s arc, but it will “divide fans” to the point of making them angry.

Additionally, whilst there is no official synopsis yet for Halloween Ends, luckily some online sleuths over on Reddit think they know what the story will be.

They speculated that: “After Kills we will see Michael give up very much like in the 1978 flashback scene and be arrested. He’s back in Smith’s Grove. Haddonfield will be a ghost town – between pandemic lockdowns and probably half the town’s population leaving after the 2018 massacre, it will almost have tumbleweeds blowing through it.

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“Laurie and Allyson will be ready to face Michael and after waiting for four years, they’re taking the fight to him and break in to Smith’s Grove which will obviously (and accidentally) cause many of the employees and patients to be massacred by Michael in the crossfire.

“I also think that Gordon Green may try and do something risky because this is the final film in his trilogy and he doesn’t really need to impress for another. I also think this may be what Curtis was alluding to when she said the movie may make fans angry.

“I don’t think Michael will be in costume other than at the beginning that picks up after Kills – I reckon he’ll be barefaced and in his H18 patient scrubs again.”

This does sound delightfully gory and would make perfect sense following on from the full-blooded slasher that was Halloween Kills. We would not be disappointed if the story were to resemble this in any way.


Back in April, attendees at CinemaCon in Las Vegas got to see the very first trailer for Halloween Ends – but it took three whole months before the rest of the world got a chance to.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Curtis was introduced the trailer at the event by telling the crowd: “This Halloween, we will experience Laurie’s last stand. It’s gonna f*ck you up.” Based on the teaser, she’s not wrong.

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The trailer itself was light on plot details, but heavy on the slasher thrills. The main setpiece teased shows Laurie and Michael fighting in a kitchen, Curtis’ heroin trying to attack him with a knife while he aims to force her hand into the food disposal unit.


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In addition to Curtis as Laurie Strode and James Jude Courtney/Nick Castle as Michael Myers, there are a few returning characters – although the ensemble is noticeably lighter this time around.

From Gordon Green’s trilogy, Andi Matichak will reprise her role as Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson, whilst Omar Dorsey will return as Haddonfield’s current sheriff Barker.

From the original 1978 film, Deputy Frank Hawkins (Will Patton), who arrested Michael after his original killing spree is back, as is Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), who Laurie babysat on that fateful night.

Michael O’Leary will also appear as Dr. Mathis, who was briefly mentioned in Halloween Kills.

Release Date

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The film hits UK cinemas in plenty of time for Halloween: 14th October.

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