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It’s not been long since the release of the Deadpool trailer, with Ryan Reynolds in the main role, and we at Zavvi can’t contain our excitement. In fitting with our September Renegades ZBOX, which will explore the best anti-heroes of the Marvel and DC Comics universes, we’ve put together a few reasons for why we’re so excited…


Development of the Story

Deadpool is a Marvel character never properly brought to the big screen. Despite an appearance in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with Wade Wilson/Deadpool portrayed again by Ryan Reynolds, he has never had a dedicated story line. For a character as unpredictable, mentally unstable and funny as Deadpool, we’re amazed that it’s taken this long to get the film to the screen – Reynolds mentioned his desire to make the film in 2005 – but now we can finally see the comic book protagonist’s gripping and erratic story develop on screen.


Though Marvel films are often spectacles for many different reasons, they’re noted for a distinct lack of violence. Deadpool clearly wants to break from this child-friendly mould: it’ll become Marvel’s first R-Rated film, with the trailer alone promising plenty of blood, gore, and everything in between. As the comics often take a dark and unrelenting journey through violent fights, Marvel fans are sure to be happy with the film staying true to its source.


Fourth Wall

The comics are known for often breaking the fourth wall, with Deadpool addressing the reader directly, showing his awareness that he is a comic-book character. From the trailer, we can tell the movie will be no different – Reynolds looks set to make funny little asides to the audience, like how he will ‘touch himself’ in self-satisfaction after a particularly impressive fight scene. Best of all is Reynolds’ demand that he doesn’t get a green, animated super-suit – a nod to Green Lantern, a 2011 film based on the DC Comics character of the same name, where Reynolds played the main role.

The trailer has certainly whet our appetite for more, but with the film not out until February 2016, we’ll have to wait to see if the film delivers on the hype! Do you agree with our reasons to be excited? For now, why not check out our Renegades ZBOX, for some brilliant Marvel and DC Comics themed content. There may even be a Deadpool surprise…


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