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Asmus Toys

Build your collection of high-quality merchandise with Zavvi UK’s huge line-up of products from Asmus Toys. Here you will find a whole host of officially licensed collectables inspired by the expansive world of pop culture — films, TV series, video games, and comic books.

These are the perfect gifts for any collector or fan of entertainment. Pick from a range of franchises, and choose their favourites to guarantee a fantastic birthday, Christmas, or any other event you may have coming up.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing today to take your collection to the next level. With our fantastic offers (including massive discounts and multi-buy deals), there’s never been a better time to discover what Asmus Toys has to offer!

Officially Licensed Collectables

Using their incredible talents and passion for all things pop culture, the Asmus Toys team have created (and continue to create) various products lines: The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Devil May Cry, Ace Ventura, Batman, The Hateful Eight, The Godfather, Yakuza, and more.

Across their range of franchise-inspired collectables, you will discover all your favourite characters from films, TV series, video games, and comic books — such as Bruce Wayne, Dante, Aragorn, and Bilbo Baggins.

Asmus Toys offer a variety of product types, including highly detailed action figures (1/6 scale) and stylised Q-Bits figures. Featuring impressive attention to detail, these are the perfect showstoppers to add to any collection. Display them on your shelf or desk, and behold as a multitude of popular characters are brought to life like you’ve never seen them before.

Build Your Collection Today

For collectors the world over, there’s never been a better opportunity to take your collection to the next level. With our unbeatable offers, you can enjoy the masterful creations of Asmus Toys while keeping your wallet heavy.

Sound good? Well then, don’t go anywhere. We’ve got a ton more products waiting on the horizon, created by the Asmus Toys team. Check back in to this page regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!