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Return to the golden era of Saturday-morning cartoons with Zavvi UK’s huge line-up of FigBiz action figures, created by Incendium.

For fans of classic pop culture, these are the best collectibles on the market, giving you the opportunity to bring home your favourite characters from a wide range of beloved franchises.

What are you waiting for? Here you will find all the best offers on FigBiz action figures, perfect for building your personal collection or tracking down those elusive gifts for a pop-culture fan.

Start browsing today to take advantage of our incredible offers, including massive discounts and multi-buy deals (while stocks last).

Bringing Back The Nostalgia

FigBiz is a brand of action figures created by Incendium, an expert production company founded in 2006. Using their passion for ‘Myths, Monsters, and Metal’, Incendium crafts a variety of pop-culture collectibles based on franchises from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

They originally started with in-house projects, such as Eternal Descent and Phantom Halls. However, they later began collaborating with established properties to manufacture officially licensed products inspired by popular films, TV series, video games, bands, and comic books.

Start Your FigBiz Collection

In our collection of FigBiz action figures, you will discover a diverse roster of characters from different corners of pop culture.

Get ready to rock out with your favourite bands and musicians, such as Cradle Of Filth and Joe Satriani. Or revisit classic films, such as Creepshow, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey, and Heavy Metal.

Whatever takes your fancy, you can rest assured that these high-quality action figures will look great as part of any display, suitable for fans of all ages.

Keep your eyes locked to our page of FigBiz action figures for all the latest releases. Incendium are constantly creating new products inspired by different franchises, so you don’t want to miss out!