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Discover all your favourite pop culture characters in Bearbrick toy form with Zavvi UK’s wide range of MediCom collectibles.

For any collector, this is the best way to outfit your shelves with some high-quality display pieces, coming in a variety of unique designs.

Of course, MediCom also have multiple sizes on offer, including the standard 100% all the way up to the ginormous 1000% version. But don’t threat; our prices are unmatched, allowing you to bring home your preferred Bearbick without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Start collecting today!


Designed by Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated, Bearbricks are collectibles designed in the cartoon style of a bear, taking after MediCom’s Kubrick design. Each figure comprises nine parts: head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs. This allows for multiple points of articulation for posing and play.

The first Bearbrick figure was release in 2001, presented as a free incentive for visitors of the World Character Convention in Tokyo. Proving successful, this simple design has been expanded upon using different materials and sizes (including the standard 7cm tall and even 70cm).

Each Bearbrick figure series encompasses 18 figures across various standard themes: Basic, Jellybean, Patterns, Flag, Horror, Science-Fiction (SF), Cute, Animal, Artist, and Hero.

These unique figures are pioneered by multiple artists and designers from around the globe, such as visual artist H.R. Giger and illustrator Pushead. Due to this collaborative approach, MediCom collectibles are often referred to as designer.

On our MediCom page, you will find bearbricks from all corners of pop culture. From the hit TV series The Boys to DC Comics’ Wonder Woman 1984, our page has everything a fan could want.

Build Your Collection Brick By Bearbrick

If you’re looking for some new collectibles – whether for yourself or as a gift - our MediCom toy page is the place to be.

Browse through our incredible offers today to find something that’s going to catch your eye!