This is Zavvi’s own Bat Signal: the Batman: 80th Anniversary Capsule celebrating decades of the Caped Crusader, and calling all Bat-fans to action! Do bats frighten you? Do you feel it is time your enemies share that dread? Grab your own piece of exclusives Batman merchandise straight from the decades of his legacy!

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Global legacy


Not everything. Not yet.

The Dark Knight himself has disappeared into the night, with nothing more than a flutter of a cape into the shadows. Gotham will still be under his protection, his watchful eye, but our Batman 80th Anniversary Capsule has now been vaulted! If you didn’t get a chance to revisit the decades-long legacy of the Caped Crusader and have missed out on some amaxing Batman merchandise… fear not. Our next Capsule is just around the corner. Be sure to sign up for the latest releases, alerts and previews, and avoid missing out on the latest limited-run Capsule!

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Batman's symbol only arrives when there is dire need, a threat to the citizens of Gotham. Nevertheless, he is a constant presence, an enduring reminder to the people that They Are Protected. Spread the Word of the Bat with this incredible collectable pin badge set

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