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TV, Movie & Geek Christmas Jumpers

Find your festive cheer with Zavvi UK’s full range of TV, movie and geek Christmas jumpers, bringing together all the seminal classics from the world of pop culture — across a fantastic offering of competitive prices.

Presenting an eclectic selection of different artistic designs, all spruced up with a little bit of seasonal flair, we can assure you nothing less than a positive response from your lucky recipient. And not the smiles through gritted teeth kind, mind you — the genuine kind.

So, have a browse and prepare for a merry day of unbelievable snugness as you and your loved ones get cosy in your new Christmas jumpers.

A Christmas Jumper Franchise Palooza!

As the undisputed home of pop culture iconography, we know exactly what our audience wants. Bland Christmas trees, a generic reindeer, maybe even some overused sprinkles of snowflakes... No. Thank. You.

No, we have the best assortment of franchise-inspired merch from all corners of TV, movies and geek entertainment — and our Christmas Jumpers are, ceremoniously, no different.

So, show your guests what the Christmas spirit is truly about and dive into an endless collection of: Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Batman, Spider-Man, DC Comics, Rick and Morty, Nintendo, Deadpool, Elf, Universal, Grinch, Gaming, and Star Trek Christmas jumpers...

That took a lot of breaths, no doubt! But that’s just how committed we are to keeping our line of TV, movie and geek Christmas Jumpers as diverse as possible.

Whether you or your beloved friends and family are avid fans of the Dark Knight, the Merc With a Mouth, or even the universe-hopping adventures of the absolutely insane Rick and Morty, you can be assured we have the design for you.

Christmas Jumpers For All The Family

You get a Christmas jumper! And you get a Christmas Jumper! And you, and you, and... you get the picture...

That’s right, we’ve gone all out this season, providing an extravaganza of TV, movie and geek Christmas jumpers for all the family — and your beloved friends, of course.

In fact, we have a vast roster of Christmas jumpers in sizes for men, women, and kids. So, you need not worry about little Timmy or uncle Pete this winter; they’re going to be walking the town like it’s the middle of summer!

Even everyone’s resident Scrooge couldn’t deny the spirit of Christmas with those types of offers — stand down Ghosts of Christmas... maybe next year!

Yes, our Christmas jumpers are suitable for the tiniest of humans to tallest — only have a look at our ‘Mens’, ‘Womens’, and ‘Kids’ sections.

Find Your Perfect Christmas Jumper Today!

Don’t hang around — the season to be jolly is almost upon us! And with Zavvi’s amazing offers on TV, movie and geek Christmas jumpers, you can be sure they’ll be flying down chimneys lickety-split!

So, have a browse and keep those Christmas gifts secret because you won’t want to spoil this one!