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Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Vinyls

Claim your bounty with Zavvi UK’s little green range of Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures, inspired by the critically acclaimed Disney+ TV show The Mandalorian.

If you’re a fan of Mando and Grogu’s galaxy-spanning adventures, these are the ultimate must-have additions to any The Mandalorian or Star Wars collection. And they also make for a great gift, too.

At such amazing prices, you won’t need more than a handful of credits to take our Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Vinyls home on your Razor Crest – though we can’t promise that the Empire won’t be hot on your tail!

This Is The Way...

Baby Yoda (or Grogu, as Ahsoka Tano revealed) first joined the Star Wars universe in 2019, tracked down by Din Djarin (otherwise known as ‘Mando) as part of a bounty-hunting contract. However, instead of turning him in, Mando became determined to protect the child.

Over the course of the series, he discovers that Baby Yoda is, in fact, able to wield the telekinetic abilities of the Force. This puts Mando on a path to return his young friend to his kind.

Due to his species, Baby Yoda has a decelerated aging process and is actually fifty years old. As such, his powerful Force abilities are still unrefined.

As a youngling survivor of the Jedi Temple massacre during the infamous Order 66, Grogu was once destined to become a Jedi Knight (much like Yoda himself). As with all of the Jedi Order, however, he was forced to go into hiding.

Due to the efforts of Din Djarin, he later finds himself placed under the care of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Protect The Child

Now the duty falls to you to protect this Force-attuned youngling with our fantastic line-up of Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Vinyl figures!

Here you will find a range of products drawing inspiration from Grogu’s most classic moments in The Mandalorian.

Display them on your shelf or grab our Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Vinyl keychains to keep him with you everywhere you go.

What are you waiting for? This is the way...