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Batman Soundtracks

Recapture the essence of some of the most beloved films in the superhero genre, and treat your ears to Zavvi’s mesmerising collection of Batman soundtracks.

The Defining Music Of Batman

Travel through the many eras of Batman cinema and immerse yourself in an aural symphony of Batman soundtracks, brought to life like never before in the format of vinyl. Here you will find music composed by legendary names including Danny Elfman, Hanz Zimmer, and James Newton Howard.

Return to the '90s classic theme constructed by the great Danny Elfman for Tim Burton's reboot of the Batman films, rivalling Richard Donner’s Superman theme in recognisability – cementing itself as the definitive Batman theme. Used across various Batman adaptations, the heroism of the Caped Crusader is brought to the surface, elevating the character no matter in which medium he appears.

And once you’re done reliving the nostalgia of earlier Batman pictures, get ready to take on the criminals of Gotham’s underworld in Hanz Zimmer’s sensational Batman soundtrack, made for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Considered one of the best film composers in the business, Zimmer’s Batman portfolio is required listening.

An Essential Part Of Any Batman Collection

Bring these Batman soundtracks into your collection, featuring incredible unique sleeved artwork for each vinyl.

Feel as epic as a DC superhero and get these exclusive Batman soundtracks before they sell out! Perfect as a gift or an addition to your Batman collection, there’s never been a better way to immerse yourself in the world of Gotham City!