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Bioshock Merchandise

Explore the underwater world of Rapture with Zavvi UK's wide range of Bioshock merchandise. Here you will find a variety of officially licensed products, including accessories, toys, collectables, figures, and more.

If you know a die-hard fan of the franchise, these are the best gifts on the market. We’re here to provide you with some much-needed inspiration for those upcoming events — birthdays, Christmases, and anything else on your calendar.

With such phenomenal prices on offer, how can you resist? Start your journey into the deep depths of Rapture, and bring home the best Bioshock merchandise.

Warning: Big Daddies are on patrol.

Welcome To Rapture

Bioshock is a retro-futuristic first-person shooter created by Ken Levine.

The first Bioshock is set in 1960, taking place in an underwater city called Rapture. After the protagonist, Jack, survives a plane crash, he travels to a nearby terminus in the middle of the ocean, which leads him to Rapture. Throughout the narrative, Jack encounters very few people, adding to the isolating feel of the game. Of those he does come into contact with, very few are sane, leading to some violent confrontations.

Following the success of the first game, two sequels were released: Bioshock 2 is set eight years later, continuing the story of Rapture. However, Bioshock Infinite takes players to the airborne city of Columbia, assuming the role of Booker DeWitt as he attempts to find a young woman named Elizabeth.

Big Daddy Deals

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