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Harley Quinn T-shirts

Go crazy for Zavvi UK’s wide range of officially licensed Harley Quinn T-shirts, the ultimate fashion items for a member of Gotham City’s criminal underground. Featuring the iconic smile of the ever-popular Clown Princess Of Crime, these high-quality products have been designed to appeal to DC Comics fans of all ages, with each item available in varying sizes (from XS to XXL).

Welcome To The Mad House

In Batman: The Animated Series (the TV show in which the character was introduced), Harley was originally depicted as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where Gotham’s mentally unstable supervillains were housed. One of the facility’s frequent residents was the Joker, and in a flawed attempt to pacify him, Dr. Quinzel was appointed as his rehabilitator. Unfortunately, she became infatuated with her patient, which led to her abetting his escape. Joining the nefarious schemes committed by Mr. J (one of Harley’s pet names for the Joker), she began wearing a red-and-black outfit resembling that of a court jester.

As the character evolved, so did her relationship with Mr. J, who was shown to be an abusive partner, hurting Harley both physically and emotionally. This led to their eventual split, which saw Harley choosing to live by her own rules. Despite this fact, she did eventually kindle a new relationship with another villain: Poison Ivy (also known as Pamela Isley). The duo, however, had a mutual respect that exceeded anything Harley had experienced previously, and neither of them were implied to be co-dependent.

Beyond the classic animated series and the pages of the comics, Harley has made an impression in the realm of live-action film. Margot Robbie is the most prolific actor to portray the character on the big screen, playing the part in the long-running DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Some of her most notable credits are listed: Suicide Squad (2016), Birds Of Prey (2020), and The Suicide Squad (2021).

The Doctor Will See You Now

Being one of DC’s headlining villains (and sometimes anti-heroes), the Clown Princess Of Crime has accumulated quite the fanbase since her debut. If you consider yourself to be among those to which the label of fan applies, you don’t want to miss out on our huge line-up of Harley Quinn T-shirts.