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Jason Bourne Merchandise

Dive into a world of government conspiracy in the Jason Bourne film franchise, and explore Zavvi’s broad line of Jason Bourne merchandise.

Birth of a legend

Jason Bourne is the title character of one of the most highly esteemed action-thriller film franchises of the early 2000s, which commenced with the critically praised screen adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity in 2002 (directed by creative visionary Doug Liman). Spanning numerous equally lauded sequels, this film franchise is a staple of cinema storytelling, captivating an audience over decades.

Journey into mystery

Following the exploits of a highly trained, amnesiac assassin found floating in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea by a nearby fishing boat, The Jason Bourne movies explore the globe-trotting journey of Jason Bourne (played by acclaimed film actor Matt Damon) as he endeavours to recover his distorted memory and find out who he truly is. But the truth is not always the right path to self-liberation, as Bourne inevitably discovers.

As an agent of Treadstone, David Webb gave his life to serve home and country, becoming a man that would walk a dark path as the infamous killer Jason Bourne.

In search of redemption and a life free of death and chaos, Bourne would go head to head with the shadowy organisation that put him on the path of murder, using his myriad of skills to dismantle their operations piece by piece. However, in his search for tranquillity, Bourne would find only a host of pain and anguish.

A Bourne Legacy

And the conspiracy does not end with Jason Bourne, who it turns out was just a drop in a never-ending ocean of conspiracy, leading diligently into the inspired events of The Bourne Legacy.

Taking place parallel to the escapades of the franchise’s namesake protagonist, Legacy traces the steps of another governmental assassin: Aaron Cross (played by Avengers star Jeremy Renner).

A subsequent attempt at developing a remorseless human weapon, Cross was inducted as an Outcome Agent – chemically enhanced and every bit as lethal as Jason Bourne, if not more so.

Follow Cross, as he delves into the shady history of these black-ops operations and fights a bloody path to freedom, as a hunted man. He struggles desperately to escape their grasp, but the routes run deeper than any one man and he has to push harder than ever before, else he may not survive.

The Bourne collector

Zavvi proudly presents a vast array of high-quality Jason Bourne merchandise, offering a unique assortment of exclusive steel books to add to your expanding Bourne collection. Uncover the secrets of this world of gritty realism and bring home a cacophony of DVDs and Blu-rays from across the series’ incredible decade-spanning legacy, available now in 3D and stunning 4K high-definition quality.

The truth is scattered in conspiracy, and it is up to you to unravel its secrets.