Here at Zavvi we always have something exciting in the pipeline, from gorgeous limited edition art prints to bold clothing ranges with a difference.

Often we can’t wait to tell you all about them, so here you can take a sneak peek at what will be launching soon…


Five years ago the founders of Stance decided it was time to breathe new life into our beloved and humble socks, making them exciting, bold and original.

The Socks by Stance range has only grown ever since, and to be honest we can’t get enough of them.

Available now!


It was like nothing audiences had seen before, so they rushed to the cinema to see it, making Jurassic Park a mega-blockbuster. Today it still draws in new fans, while others who grew up watching the movie continually revisit the film, relishing the nostalgia. So we couldn’t think of a more perfect film to inspire our next clothing range, as life really does find a way with Jurassic Park.

Available now!


Every Zelda game transports you to fantasy land of Hyrule, a place of wonder and magic. On your adventure you will explore the world, solve puzzles and challenge enemies, all while admiring the fantastic soundtrack and beautiful imagery.

The games have had a huge impact on pop culture, and their unique visual style is well known across the world, so Zelda was the perfect inspiration for an upcoming clothing collection which is launching soon.

Available exclusively @ Zavvi - 28th August.