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The LEGO Movie Sets available in our collection will bring your favourite LEGO superstars to life! Here at Zavvi UK, we absolutely loved the Lego Movie, the sequel, and all the spinoff films since, so we have brought you some amazing LEGO sets so you can let your imagination run wild and become a master builder just like Emmet.

The awesome story of the ordinary construction worker Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) is set within the Lego universe in the city of Bricksburg.

The city is under the authoritative control of Lord Business (Will Ferrell), who has stolen a super-weapon named the "Kragle”. Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), a wizard who attempted to foil Lord Business’ plans to destroy the world, speaks of a mysterious prophecy where a ‘Special’ will one day retrieve the “Kragle” and put an end to Lord Business’ evil.

Emmet accidentally becomes this ‘Special’ and with the help of his master-builder friends; Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Benny (Charlie Day), Batman (Will Arnett), Princess Unikitty (Alison Brie) and Metal Beard (Nick Offerman), Emmet must stop Lord Business, Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) and save Bricksburg from being permanently Frozen!

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, was released in 2019 and shows our gang of heroes go up against a new threat- the Duplo! Queen Watevera Wa'Nabi (TiffanyHaddish) of the Systar System kidnaps the gang and brings them to her world. She brainwashes Emmett's friends and convinces Batman to marry her and unite the Lego and Duplo worlds. But the gang must face an even greater threat that comes from a very unlikely place!

These movies have captivated so many fans around the world and it’s no surprise that these LEGO sets are mega-popular.

Everything is awesome at Zavvi UK, and our collection of sets is suitable for collectors and creators of all ages and levels. The first LEGO Movie sets were released in 2014 and have since become some of the most popular sets ever made!

Don’t miss out on these unbelievable, super-cool, outrageous and amazing LEGO sets, and shop today!