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Immerse yourself in legendary missions with LEGO Overwatch sets from Zavvi UK!

Build the perfect team, brick by brick and protect the earth from the Omnics. Overwatch is a popular team-based video game released in 2016.

Within the game, a global peacekeeping taskforce called ‘Overwatch’ was established after the first ‘Omnic Crisis’- where the Omnic robots went rogue and attacked their human creators. The task force was made illegal after the crisis, but the team must complete their missions and save the world from various threats.

Help Tracer, Baptiste, Genji, D.Va and all your favourite characters as you bring the video game to life and imagine your own scenarios and scenes. Let your imagination run wild and see your favourite digital locations and characters brought into the real world.

LEGO Overwatch sets are immensely popular and would make a perfect gift for any avid gamer or Overwatch fan. Browse our collection of official Overwatch LEGO today and don’t miss out!