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LEGO Super Mario – Luigi

‘Luigi time!’

Prepare to return to a world of mushrooms and Goombas with the LEGO Super Mario – Luigi playsets, jumping into your collection courtesy of Zavvi UK.

For fans of platform gaming, LEGO have captured the essence of Nintendo's flagship video game, translating the block-scaling and coin-collecting elements to the physical realm — build courses, and collect coins as you go.

Here you will find all the latest LEGO Super Mario sets featuring Luigi, ready to purchase across of whole host of discounts and limited-time offers!

Let’s-a Go

LEGO Super Mario sets are incredibly versatile, allowing users to keep creating new courses with a myriad of Expansion Packs. People of all ages can now nurture their problem-solving skills while having heaps of fun in the process.

At the request of fans, Luigi has joined the LEGO Super Mario line. That’s right, Mario’s fraternal twin and ever-present sidekick is stepping into the starring role — featuring a brand-new interactive figure with a unique voice.

Take on a variety of new challenges with LEGO Super Mario Luigi Adventures, giving players the opportunity to face new enemies (including Boom Boom and Bone Goomba) as well as join alongside new allies (such as the adorable Pink Yoshi).

For more great ideas, download the LEGO Super Mario app. Here you can share concepts with other members of the community and follow course-building suggestions.

‘I'm a-Luigi, Number One!’

For any fan of Nintendo, the LEGO Super Mario – Luigi playsets are a great way to 1-Up any celebration — whether that be a birthday or Christmas. Introduce them to their favourite green-outfitted plumber, and grab the helpful Luigi Starter Course.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the latest releases. The talented team at LEGO are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep you coming back to the LEGO Super Mario – Luigi playsets.