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Collectable Masks

Get ready to take on the roles of your favourite characters from the many corners of pop culture with Zavvi UK’s exclusive offers on collectable masks, officially licensed and authentically recreated (as seen in their respective franchises).

If you’re preparing your next Halloween outfit or taking part in regular cosplay, our collectable masks are fit for the task at hand. Put your outfit together, and let these officially licensed accessories provide the finishing touches.

With a wide range of discounts and deals, there’s never been a better time to suit up. Whether you’re looking to give someone a scare or save the Earth from the Universe’s greatest threats, we guarantee you’ll be doing so in style.

Let The Fun Begin

Our line-up of collectable masks draws inspiration from various franchises from film, TV, video games, and comic books. Find your favourites: Chucky, Game Of Thrones, Halloween, It, Friday The 13th, Adventure Time, Gremlins, Nightmare On Elm Street, Doctor Who, Disney, Evil Dead, DC Comics, The Purge, and more.

Based on various appearances, you can don the mask of the Night King, Michael Myers, Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Gizmo, Freddy Krueger, the Doctor, and Ash — amongst other recognisable icons. All that’s left is to develop your acting abilities so that you can pull off a convincing performance.

Made For Collectors

Start browsing today, and transform your wardrobe into treasure trove of personalities. Alternatively, our collectable masks are — as the name would imply — perfect for collectors. Put them on display in your home, and marvel at the impeccable attention to detail.

Of course, if you do get the urge to ‘play’ make believe as Chucky, these masks are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Remember to keep your eyes (your real eyes, that is) locked to this page for all the latest releases. The world of pop culture is constantly expanding, and Zavvi UK is your one-stop destination for all things collectables!