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Boldly go where no man (or woman) has ever gone before in our range NASA gifts & merch.

Everyone dreams of being able to travel into space and look down on our beautiful planet. Those lucky NASA astronauts get to live out that dream and they see some truly incredible sights.

In space there’s no sound, you’re away from all of your friends and family whilst watching a fully functioning planet continue to perform miracles. A sight that no one could ever get bored of.

The complexities and sheer enormity of space is simply mind blowing and no matter how many documentaries you watch, how much you read on it and learn about it, you can often find you’re asking yourself more questions than you started with.

The first recorded space travel came back in 1961 and ever since we’ve been desperate to explore the unknown.

NASA have been one of the leaders of the space race for some time now. They’ve sent man to the moon and probes/robots throughout the galaxy to educate us further on our (far away) neighbours. Along with assembling the ISS (International Space Station), giving the astronauts a home in space.

We all recognise the famous NASA logo but what does NASA stand for? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been in existence since 1958, replacing its predecessor NACA which ran between 1915-58.

The work they do there is unbelievable and we can’t wait to see what unfolds in the future as they plan more missions with the ever improving technology that’s available.

Here at Zavvi UK we’re huge fans of NASA and we're super fascinated about the unknown universe outside our very own world.

All of us have always wanted to play out our astronaut dreams and you can now look the part with our range of NASA merch and gifts.

Add some interstellar fashion to your wardrobe with a NASA t shirt, perfect for space lovers of all ages. These garments are out of this world and feature the famous NASA logo along with several other quirky designs.

In our range of clothing you can also pick out a NASA hoodie or jumper that’ll keep you snug on those cold evenings below the stars. These cosy garments are ideal for all of those that are fascinated by space travel.

Alongside that you can also shop our range of NASA mugs and duvets that’ll add some serious character to your home. These designs include the moon, the NASA logo, astronauts, Apollo 11 and more – a fantastic gift for anyone fascinated by space.

Space travel is one of (if not the) the most incredible achievements by mankind and you can celebrate it with our great selection of NASA merch. The perfect gifts for any space lover.