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“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” Here at Zavvi UK we know that Yoda speaks nothing but the truth. Give the gift of imagination with our amazing collection of Lego Star Wars sets, Star Wars toys, and collectables.

Our huge range of Star Wars Lego sets includes small sets, larger sets and a great selection of character sets and even the Millennium Falcon. These official Star Wars Lego sets are suitable from age 6 to Adult and make a brilliant gift for children, teenagers and adults.

Use the Dark Side of the Force and duel with our collection of life-like lightsabers and merchandise including Hasbro’s Darth Vader Electronic Helmet. Our collection includes Mighty Muggs figures, Top Trumps cards, and more Star Wars games.

Channel your inner Jedi with Yoda Wall art, Character torches, Plush toys and figurines of your favourite characters such as Princess Leia. The characters featured in our collection are from all generations of Jedi and are featured in many of the 9 installments of the franchise.

The products in this collection are all officially licensed, meaning you can rest assured no Sith Lords were involved in the production process.