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You won’t be shouting ‘Doh!’ after you’ve checked out our range of The Simpsons merchandise & gifts.

Created by Matt Groening back 1989, The Simpsons is an animated sitcom simply like no other.

No other show can boast the longevity and demand like this series and over 30 years from when it all began; it’s still going strong now.

It’s the longest-running American sitcom and scripted primetime television of all-time and it’s for good reason, it’s fantastic.

It's an incredibly easy watch and it’s hard not to get drawn into the hilarious universe that Groening created.

In the small American town of Springfield, it follows the Simpson family consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and their pets Santa’s Little Helper & Snowball.

Homer is arguably the most popular character and he’s one that somehow gets by in life. He’s incredibly working as a safety inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant despite his lazy approach to life. There he literally gets away with doing nothing and it makes for funny viewing.

His relationship with his son Bart is also comical, with the pair constantly clashing resulting in lots of bickering, strangling and Homer getting taunted. Bart is something of a trouble maker when it comes to his dad and school but his mum Marge tends to get the nicer side out of him.

Marge is a housewife and has the tricky task of trying to keep the family in order which is no easy task with Bart and Homer running riot. She seems very much more ‘normal’ than her husband along with their eldest daughter Lisa.

She couldn’t be more different from her brother Bart. She’s acing school, is a whiz with her saxophone and has a much different approach to life which makes the pair so brilliant. And whilst their youngest sister Maggie isn’t old enough to speak yet, this doesn’t stop her getting involved in some pickles.

Springfield is the perfect setting for this quirky family and it’s very much a town that appears to have been forgotten about by the rest of America. Anything seems to go there, with Mayor Quimby doing little to rule the town as he’s often involved in high profile, ridiculous scandals.

The family get themselves into some mad situations and it’s not hard to see why when you take in the full range of characters across the show.

The likes of Barney, Lenny, Karl, Mr Burns, Ralph, Milhouse, Old Gill, and the Cat Lady are all amongst the best Simpsons characters and there’s an awful lot more who provide plenty of entertainment.

No other show can match the consistent quality and sheer longevity of The Simpsons and here at Zavvi UK, we’re huge fans.

So if you’re also a lover of this cult classic that continues to get laughs around the world, then you’ve come to the right place. With our range of Simpsons merch & gifts perfect for all fans of this super franchise.

Bring the whacky Simpsons universe to life with special Funko Pop! Vinyl figures featuring some of your favourite characters. These include the likes of Radioactive Man, Grandpa, Moe, Fly Bart, Mr Burns and more. These are a must for big fans of the franchise and they’ll certainly add a little extra to your collection.

If you’re in need of some inspiration to brighten up your living room or bedroom, then our selection of Simpsons posters & prints could well do the trick. These are limited editions, exclusive to Zavvi UK and they’d make a great gift for any fan.

And for those wanting to re-live all the action, laughs and take a trip down memory lane, you can do so with our selection of Simpsons DVDs. These are perfect for nights in and those evenings when you’re chilling with friends.

A great gift comes in the form of Simpsons t shirts too. These feature some of your favourite characters and they look pretty great – who wouldn’t want to bring some Springfield fashion to their wardrobe right?

Zavvi UK is the place to be for all of your Simpsons merch needs - you won't be getting told to 'Eat My Shorts' here.