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The Witcher Clothing

Purchase all the necessary attire for your travels around the Continent with Zavvi UK’s wide range of The Witcher clothing (including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies). If you’re a fan of the books, video games, or live-action TV series, our officially licensed products are must-have additions to your wardrobe. Featuring stylish prints and vibrant colours, each item captures the unique aesthetic of this world of monsters and men, so you can make an impression as you scour the wilderness.

The Start Of The Trail

The Witcher book series — which comprises The Last Wish, Sword Of Destiny, Blood Of Elves, Time Of Contempt, Baptism Of Fire, The Tower Of Swallows, and The Lady Of The Lake — was born from the mind of Andrzej Sapkowski, a critically acclaimed Polish author. Set in a harsh environment populated by all manner of beast, the story follows its eponymous character, Geralt Of Rivia. Since childhood, the so-called Butcher Of Blaviken has been trained to combat the monsters that inhabit the Continent, and though he would prefer to disavow the notion of destiny, he is nonetheless subject to its trajectory. His fated path comes to fruition when he invokes the ‘Law Of Surprise,' which states that the saved party must offer that of which he and his saviour have no knowledge. The giver in question is the husband of Princess Pavetta, and the reward is her unborn child, Cirilla. After this point, Geralt and Cirilla must face the threats of the world together, their lives forever linked.

Owing to the books’ popularity, there have been a number of adaptations, the most prominent of which are a video game series by the developer CD Projekt Red and a live-action Netflix show. The latter of these stars actor Henry Cavill as the White Wolf, adapting the content of the source material.

Hunt For Our Deals

Before you begin your studies at Kaer Morhen, you must ensure that you are dressed appropriately. Fortunately, we have tons of The Witcher clothing to purchase, the likes of which include T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.