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Optimus Prime Merchandise

The great the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters ever to grace the world of Transformers—and fiction as a whole.

Here at Zavvi, we have scoured the remains of the planet Cybertron to bring you best Optimus prime toys, clothing, and memorabilia. And this is all offered at a competitive, low price!

Optimus Prime Origins

The voice of Optimus Prime has become a hallmark of the character, recognisable worldwide. Given life by Peter Cullen in the original ‘80s animated Transformers series, this stellar voice work provided all the necessary authority and gravitas you would expect from a seasoned Autobot leader.

And although your Optimus Prime toy may not be able to replicate his distinctive battle cry “Autobots, roll out!”, that has never stopped any of us from trying—both child and adult alike.

If any character is worthy of the title ‘primary hero’, it is Optimus. A morally incorruptible character, he is always resolute but equally empathetic. And this inspiring personality often pits him against his notorious adversary Megatron: the leader of the Decepticons.

If you have seen any of the animated or live-action adaptations, you know that Optimus Prime has the backbone (or should we say back gear) to strike against his enemies in unrelenting fashion. As kind and as generous as he may be, Prime is a warrior above all.

Optimus Prime Toys, Merchandise, And Gifts

In Zavvi’s eclectic selection of Transformers merchandise, you will find all types of products relating to the big blue-and-red Cybertronian.

Whether you want an Optimus Prime toy, mug, T-shirt, or any other related merch, you can be sure we’ve got it!

Complete Your Transformers Collection

No respectable Transformers collection is finalised without the inclusion of the endearing leader himself, Optimus. Pay homage to this great character, and let everyone know you’re a true Transformers loyalist...

These are the best gifts for a Transformers fan or a well-earned, self-appointed treat!