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Are you real? Are we real? Is this our world? HBO’s masterpiece has thrown up all sorts of questions since premiering back in 2016 but one thing we can assure you is that Zavvi UK’s selection of Westworld merchandise is certainly real.

The series may not have been around for too long but Westworld’s origins date way back to 1973. It began as a film directed by Michael Crichton and the concept of it has been brought through to the modern day by HBO and developed into one of the most thought provoking & gripping TV shows around.

Despite it’s fabulous, aesthetically stunning setting in the Wild West of America, this show is actually set in the future. The show is based around a highly advanced amusement park set in the future which is funded by James Delos, with all the residents of it populated by robots – or “hosts”. These hosts look like humans, behave like humans and in time, begin to feel human emotions and gain consciousness.

Visitors to the park are extremely wealthy and they’re given the license to do as they please there. Their actions will bring no repercussions as they can’t experience death in there and with the hosts not being human, there are no laws or rules. So basically they have a free pass to do as they please, sounds good right?

For those of you that haven’t seen it we won’t spoil too much but all we will say is, imagine if these hosts began to remember these terrible things they were experiencing on a daily basis? Pretty bad. This is an absolute blockbuster of a series, created by the brilliant Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy & we’re not lying when we say it’s full of twists and turns - honestly it makes you question EVERYTHING.

It’s also featuring heavyweight actors such as Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores), Thandie Newton (Maeve), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), the fantastic Anthony Hopkins (Dr Ford) & many more. It’s superb. This franchise one of our favourites and we have some magnificent Westworld merchandise to go along with it. But don’t worry, we can guarantee that our merch will be much safer than the things to come from Delos’ park!

Our range of merchandise is ideal for all fans of the franchise, regardless of whether you’ve only watched the TV series, the film or both. So if you’re a human or a host, we’ve got something there for you – we don’t discriminate.

Get fully up to speed with all the crazy events and mind blowing scenarios with our selection of Westworld DVDs and Blu-rays, enabling you to bring the madness of the Delos park to the comfort of your own home – although the sheer number of complexities in the show may leave your head a little pickled! Which means they could make a pretty good gift for a friend.

Away from on screen entertainment we also have merch that’ll have collectors rejoicing. Westworld Funko Pop! Vinyl and action figures including your favourite characters such as Clementine, The Man in Black, Teddy and Bernard – a heavyweight line up. These are ideal for collectors & fans and just saying, they’d go pretty well with a Westworld poster or print.

Shop Westworld merchandise at Zavvi UK and listen out for “these violent delights have violent ends”…