LEGO City Buildings

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Expand the borders of your urban society with Zavvi’s wide range of LEGO City buildings. Complementing your vehicles and Minifigures, these sets will allow you to create a place worth exploring, with emergency services (like fire and police stations) and day-to-day conveniences (like banks and garages).
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LEGO Buildings

The crux of any LEGO metropolis is its buildings. Without them, you have nothing more than a plot of land (or rather, bricks), a place unsuitable for your Minifigures to live. That’s why we stock a variety of LEGO City buildings, such as banks, workshops, garages, and stations (which form part of the Fire and Police sub-themes).

It’s not uncommon to see LEGO buildings among the brand’s product catalogue, with both them and vehicles having been staples since the ’60s. However, the sets included in the LEGO City theme (formerly known as Town) are distinguished by their focus on generic infrastructure. This contrasts with the likes of Architecture, which — though it also comprises buildings — emphasises recognisable real-world structures and landmarks. Furthermore, the target audience of City is noticeably younger, focusing on children.

LEGO City Stations

If you’re a supporter of the police and fire services, you’ll want to add our LEGO stations to your collection. These feature everything you’d expect from well-equipped emergency departments, ranging from prison cells to slides (for quick response times).

LEGO City Bank

It’s often said that money makes the world go round, and we think the same applies to a city made of plastic bricks. To ensure that everything is kept in order, we’d suggest adding a bank to your building plans, where security is guaranteed … for the most part. You must, of course, be vigilant of robbers; even a tightly locked vault won’t deter them from doing what they do best.

LEGO City Garage

Are your LEGO vehicles in need of some maintenance? Take them to the LEGO garage, where you can upgrade your cars (and other vehicles) with new headlights, spoilers, and bumpers. A garage is especially important if you’re thinking of diving into the Stuntz sub-theme, which centres on cars and bikes performing death-defying feats.