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Harry Potter LEGO Castle Sets

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Explore your favourite parts of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Zavvi’s collection of Harry Potter LEGO castle sets, which allow you to build iconic spots, such as the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s Office, and the Chamber of Secrets.
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LEGO Hogwarts Castle Sets

The most iconic Harry Potter LEGO set is, of course, Hogwarts Castle (71043). With over 6,000 pieces, this is by far the most detailed recreation of the famous location seen in the movies (where young witches and wizards go to learn the magical arts), giving both new and seasoned builders the means to construct recognisable locations (such as towers and classrooms) and go on adventures with LEGO Minifigures of their favourite characters (such as Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger).

Featuring stained-glass windows, benches, tables, flaming torches, and moving staircases, this miniature reconstruction provides so much opportunity to build and explore. Not only do you get to construct Hogwarts from the ground up, but you also receive Hagrid’s Hut, the Whomping Willow Tree, five boats, and a total of 32 minifigures consisting of students, professors, statues, and dementors.

Though the LEGO Hogwarts castle is the most comprehensive recreation of the wizarding school, it’s almost impossible to accurately depict the smaller locations contained within its grounds without sacrificing some level of detail. Fortunately, there are other LEGO Harry Potter castle sets, each of which focuses on a smaller section of Hogwarts.

Dumbledore's Office LEGO Set

It’s time to visit the most powerful wizard in Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. His office (and the restricted area of the library, which is also included in this LEGO set) is a location that many fans will be familiar with, having been visited by Harry Potter at numerous points throughout the movies.

Each room contains several magical items from the live-action adaptations (such as the Invisibility Cloak, the Sorting Hat, and the Sword of Gryffindor), and you’ll also find a few more recognisable faces from Hogwarts (like Severus Snape, Argus Filch, and Madam Pince).

Harry Potter Great Hall LEGO Set

The Sorting Ceremony has commenced, so let’s head over to the Grand Hall. In this two-story Hogwarts LEGO set, you’ll visit not only the place where a student’s house is decided, but also the Chamber of Secrets, where Nearly Headless Nick, Tom Riddle, Colin Creevey, and more will be waiting.

Down there, you’ll be able to enter through the serpentine entrance and recreate the scene that saw Harry face the terrifying Basilisk. Wands at the ready, we say! This Hogwarts LEGO set is going to cast a spell on your collection.