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Explore a galaxy far, far away with the help of Zavvi’s wide range of LEGO Star Wars ships. In our collection, you will find the most popular space-travelling craft in the Star Wars universe, from the Millennium Falcon to Din Djarin’s N1 starfighter.
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Enter Hyperspace with Star Wars LEGO Ships

When LEGO partnered with Lucasfilm in 1999, fans of the brand and the massively popular sci-fi franchise by director George Lucas were treated to a ton of new LEGO Star Wars sets, many of which took the form of ships. Featuring screen-accurate designs and loads of interactive features, such as opening cockpits and fireable lasers, these detailed models allowed movie audiences to further immerse themselves in this ever-expanding universe.

Kids can develop their storytelling skills as they engage in play and imagine their own Star Wars–inspired adventures. Conversely, after assembling the hundreds (if not thousands) of LEGO pieces included in each set, adults can add to their collections, updating their displays to emphasise their favourite starfighters and cruisers.

LEGO Star Wars Ships from All Eras

Since the release of the original Star Wars film, which came out in 1977, there have been multiple sequels and prequels. Though the entirety of the original trilogy takes place during the time of the Galactic Empire, later instalments shed light on the events of the Clone Wars and the rise of the First Order.

Our Star Wars LEGO ships reflect the different eras of the franchise, encompassing craft seen in every movie. If you prefer the Age of the Empire, you’ll likely want to get your hands on a LEGO X-wing starfighter or the iconic TIE fighter. However, those who enjoy the days of the Republic, when the Jedi were still a prominent force, might gravitate toward Anakin’s yellow starfighter from Revenge of the Sith or the heavy cruiser Malevolence, the flagship of General Grievous.

The Mandalorian LEGO Ships

Are you looking to expand your collection of The Mandalorian LEGO? You’ll be pleased to hear that there have been recreations of both Din Djarin’s original ship, the Razor Crest, and the Naboo N1 starfighter that he acquired in The Book of Boba Fett.

With the included minifigures, you can imagine yourself as a fearsome bounty hunter, using your LEGO ship to travel to the far corners of the galaxy.