The classic American thriller, Jaws made audiences across the world that little bit more wary of the ocean.🦈

The movie built into a cult classic and everything from quotes to the soundtrack became instantly recognisable. Show your own love for the film with our high-quality prints!

Incredibly limited numbers of each colourway! only 200 pairs of our Red Akedos and just 400 pairs of the Black and White Pairs.

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Dust! Jaws Classic Movie Poster 1000pc Puzzle ZAVVI EXCLUSIVES!

Dust! Jaws Classic Movie Poster 1000pc Puzzle

Featuring one of the most iconic movie poster designs of all time, Dust!'s 1000 piece JAWS jigsaw puzzle will certainly make you glad you aren't swimming above a hungry Great White! Coming in at a giant 50x70cm size, the completed piece will be great for display when complete, and certainly less dangerous to create than Quint's Shark bone collection!



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