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Say my name…. Shop all things Heisenberg at Zavvi UK with our range of Breaking Bad gifts & merchandise.

One of the biggest TV series of all-time, this absolute masterpiece from AMC captivated the world for five years between 2008-13.

Written and created by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad is a long, winding story full of shocking twists & turns, incredible character development, nail biting moments and much more, shot in the fantastic surroundings of New Mexico.

It follows the story of chemistry teacher Walter White. He’s a normal man, with a loving young family which requires him to work two jobs, which runs him into the ground.

Working at the school and the car wash – where he even washes some of his students’ cars – breaks him down and after passing out at work, he’s diagnosed with the crushing news of lung cancer.

With a wife, a son and a soon to be baby daughter coming, the timing of this news is absolutely devastating for a number of reasons and it leads him down a dark, new route.

In a bid to leave his family in a strong financial position following his inevitable passing, he teams up with a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, to manufacture (cook) crystal meth.

Walt spots Jesse escaping a seized methamphetamine lab whilst with his brother-in-law Hank who ironically is a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent (recipe for disaster right?). No one else sees him fleeing but Walt and after the pair lay eyes on each other, he decides not to get him arrested.

But that gives the teacher a light bulb moment. Jesse is a dealer and he’s an expert when it comes to chemistry – combine the two together successfully and there could be a hell of a lot of money to be made.

Jesse never really paid any attention during chemistry at school so it’s fair to say his knowledge is pretty basic, but that leaves Mr White to go on and do his thing and his product takes New Mexico by storm, with its purity like something never seen before.

And it isn’t long before word spreads surrounding their incredible product, which leads to them meeting a whole host of crazy and scary characters such as Tuco, Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut, Todd, Uncle Jack and many, many more.

Walt’s had something of a hard life so the success of his meth empire clearly goes to his head, which leads to him coming with a new identity, Heisenberg. His pork pie hat and sunglasses created an iconic new look which became recognisable around Albuquerque. And his famous catch phrases such as “I am the one who knows” show just how much his personality changes as he gains power.

Double acts don’t get much more ridiculous, dangerous or funny than these two who despite never really liking each other and having completely different personalities, learn to respect and generally have each other’s back when facing some of the most violent and threatening criminals.

And if their battles with their meth rivals wasn’t bad enough, they also have the issue of Walt’s DEA brother-in-law Hank to contend with. Little does he know the drug king-pin he’s devoting his work to finding is right under his nose. It makes for absolutely sensation viewing.

Its success has led to various critical acclaim and it’s even resulted in a spin-off series. “Better Call Saul” follows the adventures of Walt & Jesse’s former lawyer Saul Goodman before he got caught up in their misdemeanours.

And Netflix also released El Camino, a film following Jesse Pinkman straight after the ending of the Breaking Bad TV Show. This gives some great closure to his story and brings back plenty of memories, although not all of them are positive for him.

For those new to the franchise or those die-hard super fans, we have Breaking Bad merchandise that’s ideal for all of you.

You can re-live all the drama, battles, lies and cooking with our Breaking Bad box set which is available both on DVD and Blu-ray – allowing you to experience it all in glorious high-definition. Is there a better way to see and hear Jesse’s trademark “Yeah! Science bitch!”.

And for those huge Breaking Bad fans they can also pick up limited edition steelbooks which feature special artwork and would make a superb addition to any collection.

Our Breaking Bad merch also includes plush toy versions of Jesse Pinkman in his trademark yellow suit, fresh from cooking. Yeah bitch.

And if you’re looking to fill the Heisenberg void in your life you can do so with our collection of Better Call Saul DVD’s & Blu-ray’s. You’re not going to find a more ridiculous lawyer. Trust us.

You can also show your support for Walter White with our Breaking Bad Heisenberg t shirts, with this you'll definitely be the one saying "I'm the one who knocks".

So for all things Heisenberg, Jesse, Gus, Saul and much more, check out Zavvi’s Breaking Bad shop.