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Pinocchio Merchandise

Here at Zavvi UK, our nose grows not one inch when we tell you that we have the best Pinocchio merchandise available online. Indeed, our products are ‘truthfully’ splendid.

For any fan of Walt Disney animation, this classic children’s character deserves a spot in your ‘growing’ collection. Be assured, our line-up of goodies is as high-quality as a finely crafted puppet.

With a range of Pinocchio merchandise on offer, you need not wish upon a star, because everything you’re looking for can be found not too far.

So, what are you waiting for? Say hello to Figaro, and become a real boy!

A Disney Classic

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio is an animated musical film, which was first released in 1940. The film is an adaptation of the classic children’s literature character who featured in The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883), created by Italian writer Carlo Collodi.

In the film, Pinocchio is a wooden puppet crafted by the Italian woodcarver Geppetto. Brought to life by the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio is encouraged to be ‘brave, truthful, and unselfish’. Should he prove himself to hold these qualities, he can become a real boy.

This provides the basis for the plot, with Pinocchio meeting a host of unsavoury characters while guided by the wise Jiminy Cricket. Throughout the tale, Jiminy acts as the young puppet’s moral compass, encouraging him to tell the truth and avoid poor decisions.

However, Pinocchio has a tendency to lie, which in turn causes his nose to grow.

After many close encounters, he eventually proves himself worthy to the Blue Fairy and is transformed into a real boy of flesh and blood.

Carve Your Collection

Take a trip to Pleasure Island with our fantastic range of Pinocchio merchandise, including a variety of figurines, Blu-rays and DVDs (featuring the animated and live-action adaptations), clothing, and more!

These are the perfect gifts for a Disney fan, capturing the spirit of one of pop culture's greatest animated feature films.