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After the Battlefield Hardline beta was released at this year’s E3 conference, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a code for the PS4.  Over the weekend I managed to put in a good few hours (whilst also getting mightily distracted by the Destiny Alpha – more on that tomorrow), and put the beta through its paces.

The basic gist of Battlefield Hardline beta is as so: did you enjoy Battlefield 4? Would you like to play map, mission and skin pack for it where instead as playing as two armies you’ll play as cops (with an apparently unlimited jurisdiction for violence and blowing the city up) and criminals (who more resemble militia forces in an international warzone)? If the answer is yes, then Battlefield Hardline is definitely for you.

battlefield hardline

If you were looking for something closer to Battlefield meets GTA (as I was), then afraid we’re going to have to keep on waiting. Available in the beta are two multiplayer modes on the same downtown LA map, Heist and Blood Money. Heist is an asymmetric game mode where the criminals must break into a couple of points on the map, steal some briefcases, and then leg it and try to get away. The cops are out to stop this from happening. Blood Money, on the other hand, is a symmetric game mode where both teams try to steal cash from a central point and take it back to their bases.

At this point there isn’t much more to say about Battlefield Hardline until we get to see more game modes and maps. Stay tuned for more information!

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